Wigs Cyper Hair Is New And Curly! Fabulous New Way To Wear A Female Partial

Hello To All– I thought an interesting subject to discuss…with the upcoming warmer months….is what type of wig to wear.

 Lately, the wig manufactures have been making full-length partial wigs, whichcan be short or go down below your shoulders! They do not have a CAP. They have a plastic upper crown base, which the hair is sewn into…however it will lie flat on the top of your head. There is no pull down cap, with no bulge at the top crown of your head. If you watch Tara Banks show, she wears a long partial wigl now. In her previous days of print modeling for Victoria Secret, she wore cap wigs. You can SEE the difference. This is not your Dads old “rug”–

In addition…if one is bald on top but has male hair on side and back, your male hair can be grown longer to blend in with the longer partial. Or not.  However, this is so wonderful, you must try one on. It is cooler, lighter, and most importantly the partial blows in the wind and bounces when you jump up. A Wig will not do this.

Also, if you keep the partial short to medium, (not below your shoulders) this new Cyber Hair– which is natural human type hair which WILL HOLD A CURL–FROM A LOOSE CURL TO A CURLY STYLE. DOES IT GET ANY BETTER?

Call me if you’re coming to San Francisco, and I will help you set up an appointment with the highest quality Cyber Hair Salon on the East Coast…as most salons don’t carry Cypber Hair and or excellent female partials.

Also, spring outfits are now in the stores. Best time for all sizes and colors!


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