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New Feminine Jeans…Does Anyone Know The Name !!

Hello girls. If any of you know the name….of the new Levi femme fitting jeans, do let me know. There are so many girls getting them, and I do not have the correct name….so all of you could look at the macy’  web site.

They may even have the words Hot, or Lift, or Femme Fitting Levi Jeans. I love the low price, as many womens jeans can cost from $100.00 to $200.00 to get this slim fitting leg and the darling small stones on the back pockets, which bring attention to a booty botttom! Smiles….Denae

New Tush Jeans by Levi

Hello Brenda, to respond to your question..where to purchase the new LIFT your tush jeans, they are available at Macy’s. Very resonable, very tight on lower leg, and lift your tush. You will love them! They also have new leggings that are more like tight jeans, and not the previoius cotton leggings. These are great with the longer tops–if you want to cover up your tush!

Enjoy your shopping!


How To Get A Perfect Fit, In Your Jeans

Many TG women, will wear their jeans below their waist. Measure you waist: With 1 finger under your belly button. Levi Jeans has a new Feminine Curve jean out, very resonable price. Measure yourself at the waist and inseam before going in. Lots of color for this Summer and Spring! Color in shoes and handbags!

If using padding in hips, allow extra inches for hip measurement.  I suggest, using a dark wash, with stretch!

Belt or no belt. Light tinted lotion, washes right off. Get ready for summer! And, don’t forget your toes!


Thank You From Denae !

Hello Dearest Denae,

The DVDs were delivered as promised.  They and “you” are “Awesome”.  What a marvelous treasure, blessing and gift you are to me and others wanting to fulfill lifelong dreams!

Any and all feedback, suggestions, guidance will be gratefully appreciated.  Consequently, I will soon pursue your offer to monitor my progress on Skype.

How blest I am to have met your acquaintance! 

May today be the best day of your life and all your tomorrows better than today!