How To Get A Perfect Fit, In Your Jeans

Many TG women, will wear their jeans below their waist. Measure you waist: With 1 finger under your belly button. Levi Jeans has a new Feminine Curve jean out, very resonable price. Measure yourself at the waist and inseam before going in. Lots of color for this Summer and Spring! Color in shoes and handbags!

If using padding in hips, allow extra inches for hip measurement.  I suggest, using a dark wash, with stretch!

Belt or no belt. Light tinted lotion, washes right off. Get ready for summer! And, don’t forget your toes!


3 thoughts on “How To Get A Perfect Fit, In Your Jeans

  1. Well, first Macy’s told me they don’t have them, and now they tell me they have them in stock. I guess that can happen when they get in new lines of merchandise in a large store.

    Macy’s, ho!

    Thanks Den. Hugs, B.

    • Hello Tiff- this is Denae. Let me check, as I was recently at Macy’s on a shopping consultation with her, and we did find a pair, for her. I may have the name off some, let me check! Thanks for the information! Denae

  2. I’d like to try on a pair of Levi’s Feminine Curve jeans and see if they’re flattering. Any suggestions about where I can find them? I’ve called a few stores already and they haven’t heard of them.

    Thanks Denae!

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