Hello To John/JoAnn

Hello John/Jo Ann-

Thank you for your
comments, regarding my blog and the helpful tips. There are two areas to find
years of articles on TG beauty and life style issues. First, you can look
under: CATEGORIES to find specific areas such as Voice, Movement, Wigs, etc.
Or, you can go back several years– to 2008– and find a treasure of articles
for TG women.

Also Jo Ann, thank you
for asking, about Who Denae is, what I enjoy outside FemImage.  I suppose, I never think
about writing a blog, about my daily life,
  and, my web site has tons of information. But, I understand, you want to know about things…other than bio information, etc.

Okay, I will begin to blog more about personal things–however I would love it if you girls could communicate with other girls
with your Comments on the blog and ask questions that others may also find interesting.

JoAnn, you asked what book I am reading at this time. I am reading The Bond by Lynn Taggart. I have a deep desire,
to learn metaphysical teachings–which will improve my consciousness to overcome many of the false illusions I believed, from parents, teachers, and friends. I find most of us drag our fearful, guilty, childhood impressions (real or imagined) behind us for our entire life—until we discover a way to choose a new future by changing how we think, feel about ourselves…. (which is mostly
feeling we don’t deserve to be loved).  Her research shows, we grow when we “bond” with other people and reunite with others– and she discusses how competition makes us weak when we compete. That competition causes us to isolate more. To join others in a social
community. to discipline yourself to meet others, and create
“bonds” in several different social communities, in your life.

I just started The Bond, and will let you know my final thoughts. She is currently on a book tour, in WA state and Canada. She is a beautiful woman, with a beautiful femininne message.



2 thoughts on “Hello To John/JoAnn

  1. Hello Shellie- Thank you for your comment. Shellie, I love your new photo, it is different…than what I had thought. You have made great progress–since we first started working. Good for you!!

  2. Hi Denae,

    I loved reading John/JoAnn’s post and your answer regarding what you are reading. Writing about what you enjoy outside of Femimage reminds all of us that we have lives that require care and feeding, just like our girlselves. The themes you relate from the book you’re reading are very important to live a full life. I hope you find the book fulfilling, and that you will share what you get from reading it.

    Hugs, Shelley

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