Does Your Lower Back Ache From Wearing Heels

Hello Everyone- Many girls ask me,  how to help lower back pain…after wearing heels.

First,-with no shoes on–do heel lifts several quick times a day…before wearing heels that night.. Train your feet and lower calf–to be standing on the ball of your foot.

Next, lay down across your bed–with your head and arms hanging off the side of the bed downward–towards the floor.. Lift your arms. You will feel a wonderful stretch in your lower back. You can also roll up a towel with rubber bands– and lay down flat on the floor– place the towel under your shoulders. This gives you a wonderful stretch. There is an expensive  plastic back support called “Back Joy” which you can place in your chair,  sit and it wraps upward behind your back and supports your lower back at your desk chair or in the car…you will sit up straight instantly! Very comfortable and your posture will improve that day! Your lower back will not hurt ! Also,  at the office remind yourself to stand up and stretch once every hour! Take off your heels under the desk and wear some flats for part of the day. Ballet shoes are soft and easy on. Take care of your back and feet! And, wear a shoe which is in a WIDE or has an open toe or stretch strap on the heel. Don’t sqeeze your feet! Or, you will walk and stand–as if your feet hurt, after an hour or so. Not a feminine walk, if  your feet hurt! Remember, as I show in my Vol 1–to stand with your weight mostly on your back foot, and have the other foot free, and forward!


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