How To Lose Weight

Most women and clients, ask me how I keep my weight down(have stayed a size 10)–and have stayed thin for my entire life.  I must admit….I learned how to keep thin from the orginal weight pros…. models. Especially, ‘Run-Way” Models,they are required to be even thinner than Photo Models. Since “Run Way” ( Now you better understand why I love feminine movement) was my love and..I stayed thin to fit into the size required, and maintained it. Herewith what I learned, from an older model…at my first Neiman Marcus show. She explained to me– it was not what I was eating but what I was “thinking” about while eating. Or, better yet…what I’m thinking about the food, as I’m eating. Often, over weight people eat while driving, watching telvision, etc. and they are out of their body with racing thoughts. However, if you ONLY think of each bite, taste it, tell your body it will digest and make you healthy and thin–you will naturally stop eating when you’re stomach is full. Perhaps, that is why…we have been told to “bless our food” ?

Today there is a new approach, using the same technique. It is called The Aware Eating Method, and there are websites, books and even coaches…for this. If any of you are interested, I can blog additional information on the process and tecnique used to turn off all racing thoughts, while eating. This method is also used for smoking. Bottom line, turn off your thoughts, and only be with…your food.  Yes, select a meal which is healthy and low on sugar and carbs…but chew your food, slowly swallow your food, and only think about your food. Don’t think about angry thoughts, or fearful thoughts. Herewith one example I can share with you from my experience. I was recently very resentful–and angry with an investment broker who had lied and bascially taken money from a loved one. My angry thoughts were spinning. I opened the freezer and pulled out a quart of Bryers Vanilla Ice Cream.  Normally, I would scoop out a cup and put the Ice Cream back in the freezer  and  just simply use my conscious eating to enjoy this sinful delight. However, on this occasion…I don’t even remember walking into the kitchen…my mind was like a buzz saw. I finished eating the entire quart. Here is the kicker. I don’t remember eating the Ice Cream!!!  I didn’t enjoy it, I just stuffed my feelings. When I realized what I had done, I knew it was important to not feel shame, guilt and beat myself up…as our Ego loves that. I “looked at” what I had done, I observed the behavior…almost like a third party. Simply put, I was un-conscious and out of my body (anger and fear) while eating as Ego thoughts (Ego is always fear, resentment, shame, guilt, anger…all the bad emotions) took control of my body. Next time, you eat…prepare a healthy meal and “be with” each bite. Aware Eating Method, works…whatever name you want to put on it. Give it a try, and if you would like additional information, do email me!

Have a great meal!


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