Under-Wire Bras

There is new research out, reporting underwire bras cause more breast cancer–as the lymph glands are blocked–and the metal is not good for us.   So, I checked into bras without a WIRE underwire. There are cloth underwires that lift and give lots of support–so you will need to research where to purchase one. 

There are also new bras out, that look like a Sports Bra, that have no underwire or tight support. The photos of this new bra (that looks like a Sports Bra)– show, MORE LIFT– than the regular strap bras with underwire. However, if you only wear underwire occasionally, I would not worry. This report, stated women who wear and sleep in an underwire–have a 64% higher breast cancer rate. Ouch, lets leave those out of our wardrobe if worn every day!


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