Rupper Wig Strap To Hold On Wig–Found On The Internet On Wig Sites

For those you have trouble holding a wig on, do an Internet search…for a wig rubber strap with Velcro to close–which wraps around your head…at the hair line. This HOLDS the wig down…and keeps your wig from sliding back on your head. Your wig can’t “jump” over the strap. This strap reminds me..of what is used to tie around your arm…when you’re having blood drawn, sorry for that comparasion…but this is exactly how to visualize it, so you know it when you see it on the Internet.  If you don’t like clips to hold your wig down, do find one of these. They are only around $10.00 and are found on internet wig sites. They really work well, and will fit any size head…due to the “pull and stretch” of the rubber strap– with a Velcro close to pull to the size of your head.  This is an excellent product, for a TG woman who wears wigs, and clips and pins tear at your hair!


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