TG Photo Gallery

Hello To All The Girls From The TG Photo Gallery and BFStore!

I am blogging for BFS…so if you have any questions regarding any of their great TG products….hit comment. Perhaps, other girls who have tried certain products…can also send a comment on how the product worked for you!! I would love to hear, how any of you like their NEW DOLL SHAPE BREAST FORMS. They are molded with the most natural slope to them, and look so real (instead of a round shape). So, lets start some comments!

Denae of   Click on my DVDs for feminization dvd training on my web site!

2 thoughts on “TG Photo Gallery

  1. Hi Denae

    I really like the Amoena lightweight breast forms. They are comfortable and very natural feeling and are not so heavy I need an underwire bra. Thanks for all your blogging as I really look forward to reading your entries.

    • Elaine- Thanks for your comment! Manay other girls like the Amoena lightweight breast forms from the Breast Form Store. So many are heavy, or they need an underwire bra to hold them in. These are so light, many report glue or tape and presto! Natural breast. Thanks for writing!

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