Wig Suggestion For The Serious TG # 2

Post Script To My Previous Blog on Hair Suggestions For the Serious TG

Do let me know, if any of you find a quality wig salon (not wig shop) and have one made, to custom fit the top of your crown area. Remember, even for genetic women…the top crown is the thinnest part of any persons hair…so  all wigs must the THINNED out on the top crown (not cut, but thinned). 

A PARTIAL  is a new, fabulous solution for the person with thinning hair ON TOP. Stay away from the costly salons advertised on television!

I tried the sample on today, by pinning my crown hair down…and THE PARTIAL blended in with my own hair ON THE SIDES AND BACK PERFECTLY and looks fabulous. So, with this one, I can use it..when I want bangs…as I don’t generally wear bangs. I love this new hair appliance (as the salons call them)!

Please write some comments, to help any of your tg sisters out, if you have found something image related that has worked out for you and where!  Especially for new girls starting out, who do not know where to go, or what to do, and end up spending so much money or items which don’t fit.

Also, many of you emailed me from my last blog, concerning my Vol 1 DVD on Sensual Feminine Movement. Yes, this DVD is a great help, to walk the walk! It helps with: walking, standing in a feminine way, going up and down stairs in heels, having an escort or service person help you put your coat on, how to carry your handbag, and lots more. You can play your movement technique down, or you can sex it up for that fun club outing. The most important issue…is you’re not moving like a guy! So,  listen to me ladies…and go to my front page and click on DVD and look at Vol 1 ~ it can be downloaded or shipped!

Comments, I want to hear from you!!

Denae   www.femimage.com   click on DVD button

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