A new blogger at Femimage


This is not Denae but rather Robin, her assistant here at Femimage. Denae has been blogging for almost 5 years and has decided to take a break from it for awhile. She has asked me to take over her blog for awhile while she takes a rest. I have been working with Denae since 2004 helping her with the web site and with her DVDs and videos but have remained mostly behind the scenes. When she asked me take over the blog I decided it sounded like fun. As a TG person, I have a different perspective on things than Denae and so the blog will reflect that. I will cover lots of topics including tips on dressing and shopping, my various outings “en femme”, general life experiences, and various random thoughts. I want to keep it fun and interactive and so if anyone has comments, please post them.

This is actually my second attempt at a blog. I started on about a year ago that focused mostly on my experiences flying across country “en femme”. You can see it http://ptrobin.wordpress.com.  After finishing up the story, of that adventure, I took what I thought was a short break but somehow never got back to it. Most of the posts were rather long and took a lot of effort to write and so I tended to avoid updating it. Prior to that I always was annoyed at people who started a blog and then just stopped updating it. Now I appreciate how easily it can happen. This time I hope to keep the posts shorter and more frequent. Hopefully you will enjoy my posts.


2 thoughts on “A new blogger at Femimage

  1. Hi Robin,

    Nice to read your writing again and it’s nice you are helping Denae. I enjoyed reading about your outings, especially attending the SF Symphony. I like to attend the SF Opera and Symphony, too!

    Look forward to more in the future.


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