My nice boring day out

 I went out last Friday and had what I call “my nice boring day out.” By this I mean that I spent the whole day out and had a pleasant but entirely uneventful time. I have lots of these types of days and always find them very satisfying.

The first task of the day was getting dressed. Changing at home is not an option for me and so I tend to change “on the road”. Over the years I have become quite proficient in changing in my small compact car. This is one of the reasons I have learned to get ready quickly as I tend to do it in semi-public settings. These days I like to park my car in some large parking garage, ideally between two cars in a dim area. Since I am never sure when someone will show up to claim their car, the faster I change the better.

These days my daytime outfit is usually Gloria Vanderbilt jeans and a 3/4 to long sleeve knit top. I really like the GV jeans since they are tapered and really sliming. They come in lots of lovely colors. I usually get them at Kohls when they are on sale for about $22 but have bought several pair at Costco for $17. They are nice in that they come in several lengths and so fit my short legs quite nicely. Who wants to pay $8-10 for someone to hem a pair of $17 pants? I must have 5-6 pairs of them. I used to wear more solid colored tops but recently have been wearing more patterned ones.

So this day I wore my olive GV jeans and a multi-color fall toned stretch top. I added some brown ankle boots, my new dangling earrings, a little foundation and makeup, and was ready to face the day. My first stop was MacDonalds for a quick breakfast. I ordered my food, received a “thank you ma’am” from the clerk, and sat down to eat. The place was moderately busy but I did not notice any unusual attention directed by way. A good way to start the day. I am often a little uncertain with the first encounters of the day but this one, as they usually are, went fine.

After that I headed out to do some shopping. There is a nice complex near me that has two malls and a couple of smaller shopping strips nearby. There are a couple of Marshalls, a Kohls,  Ross, Macy’s, Sears, etc. I really like Marshalls since they often have nice things at good discounts. I used to shop a lot at Ross until I realized that what they sold was often tacky stuff. Marshalls has much better discount stuff. I got there before they opened and stood outside with a group of other women. We chatted casually until the store opened. Once inside I went looking for more knit tops and maybe some shoes. I found a couple of tops that I liked and went to the changing room. Marshalls is one of those stores that has a person counting items at the entrance to the changing room. Such situations always give me pause as its clearly a “woman-only” space but I never have had any problems. Actually I once had another woman stop and ask me the time while we passed in the changing area. That was a nice affirmation, but I still often worry about the gatekeeper frowning and pointing the men’s area. It has never happened though. I don’t think they really care one way or the other. All the rooms are private anyway. The tops did not fit right and so I did not buy them. From there I went to another Marshalls a few miles away and repeated the process. This time I did find a nice knit top with 3/4 sleeves and bought it. It was a nice solid green that I thought would be nice a nice fall addition. I used a gift card to pay and got a “thank you ma’am” at the checkout.

From there I went to a Sears which was part of a larger mall. The mall itself was not too busy. I stopped at the food court and got a pretzel. I looked around the Sears for clothes but did not find anything I liked. I did find some nice sandals on clearance. There was some nice brown ones that I liked and were only $12. I tried them on and walked around the store and they felt good and so I bought them too.

It was lunch time and so I went over to  “Fresh Choice” and had a suitably feminine salad lunch. It was filled mostly with women and so I fit right in. I got a “ma’am” at the checkout register and found a table and enjoyed my lunch. Again, I did not notice any unsual reactions to my presence.

From there it was time to visit the Kohls, which has become my favorite shopping place for casual clothes. I did not find any new GV jeans but found lots of tops I liked. Kohls has “vanity” sizing which means the clothes are cut larger than one might expect from the size. Most of the time “medium” fits me just fine. Large is too big and XL is like wearing a tent. I can flatter myself by knowing I just need the “medium.” I ended up buying two tops which were only $8/each. The checkout clerk was friendly and chatty and I left without incident.

Macy’s had nothing I liked. I used to shop there a lot but in the last few years they stopped carrying clothes I liked. I went by the Ross just for fun but found nothing there either. I stopped by a CVS drug store and looked at lipsticks. My favorite color is no longer made by Revlon and so I need to find a new favorite. I ended up buying some baby wipes which are good for removing makeup. It all went smoothly.

Af that point it was getting late and I was heading home. I stopped at a 7-11 for a soda and as I was paying for it the clerk said that she liked by top and wondered where I got it. I thanked her and told her it was from Kohls.

From there it was time to change back and go home. I also change back in the car, partially while driving and the rest in some quiet spot. I learned to be careful though. Once I was driving down the freeway and removed my wig. The guy in the next car glanced at me and nearly swerved into me. I guess he was a little shocked…

Overall it was a good day out.  I found some things I liked, had some nice quiet time, received a complement, and many “ma’ams.” Totally uneventful and highly satisfying, just the way I like it.

One thought on “My nice boring day out

  1. Robin,

    What a coincidence! I get home from a day much like the one you describe to find your post. Fortunately, I do not have to get dressed in my car. I started out poking around at Nordstroms, but I wasn’t really looking to buy anything. Then I had lunch at their cafe where, unlike you, they all call me Miss – which is a little disconcerting as I wear a wedding and engagement ring set and I am old enough to be at least their Mother if not their Grandmother. At least they don’t call me Sir. The cafe was quite crowded today and I squeezed into a table between one with two men and one with another solo woman. No one blinked an eye, but no one was inclined to interact either. Then I went to Macy’s where I ran into my girl on the Clinique counter and it turned out they were starting a pre-sale event. Since I needed some foundation and a new lip liner I just deferred the pick up until the actual event date in October – that way I get a free goodie bag with a number of makeup items in it. Then spent some time getting caught up on what was going on with Michele. Denae has always said “use coaches and experts” and Michele is my go to girl for all questions makeup and skin care. After that I went to the drug store and picked up several items followed by a trip to Barnes and Noble where I bought a book and had a frappuchino at the in store Starbucks. Finally I made stops at the Post Office, Trader Joe’s and Ralphs on my way home.

    Going out to a performance or nice restaurant is wonderful and I enjoy those experiences tremendously, but somehow these ‘ordinary’ days out doing things that every woman does every day are very affirming and pleasurable. I really enjoy your posts!

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