Searching for the Perfect Bra – An Update

One of the benefits of blogging is that by sharing problems publically others can offer their suggestions and insights. About a 10 days ago I published a post concerning my problems in finding the perfect bra.  I mentioned how much I liked underwire bras since they came in many pretty colors and styles but found them very uncomfortable after just a few hours. Shortly after it was published, Claudia wrote:


It is possible with care and a small scissor to remove the ‘wire’ from underwire bras so that they are comfortable for longer periods.

Somehow the idea of removing the underwire had escaped me entirely. Actually I think I may have tried it once a long time ago but the results were so disappointing that I had blocked the idea out entirely. Given Claudia’s inspiration I decided to try it again and the results were mostly very good. I have 6 underwire bras that  are all lovely but so uncomfortable as to be unwearable. Still, I could not bring myself to part with them. I figured they would be good candidates for me to see what would happen if I removed the underwire.

I took some small scissors and make a small hole near one end of the underwire. I pulled back the underwire a little to make room for the cut. I then slipped the underwire out. It came out very easily for 5 of 6 bras. There was one for which the underwire seemed to have been attached to the bra at several points, but with some pushing, it eventually came out. The whole process to me 10 minutes.

The results were amazing. All of the bras become instantly comfortable! I wore two of them on two different days and had problems with comfort. One of the bras, a front hook, did not work so well holding my forms in without the underwire and so it will  definitely be going to Goodwill but the others all worked great. I am so happy! Thanks so much for the suggestion Claudia.

I still have some molded bras that feel like putting your boobs into round cardboard boxes. While they are very pretty, they are even less comforable than the underwires with the wires. Any suggestions on how to make them more wearable?


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