Tell Us About Your Outing

So many of you have responded to Robin’s posts and outings. We would love to post YOUR “best” outing, and why you think it went to well. This helps the new girls!!

Denae and Robin

2 thoughts on “Tell Us About Your Outing

  1. Hi Denae and Robin,

    My best outing was last spring at the SF Ballet. I was in line waiting to check my coat when the woman behind me tapped my shoulder and told me how attractive she thought my blouse was. We talked about it (a silk chinese print) and where I bought it (Nordstroms). It turned out we both liked shopping at Nordstroms, although at different stores. We chatted some more until we checked our coats, and then went to our respective seats. After the performance I went to get my coat and saw the same woman in line. I thanked her again for her compliment about my blouse. We talked a little more until we got our coats and bid each other good evening.

    I enjoyed meeting another woman and striking up a conversation with her that started because she admired something I was wearing. I enjoyed the relaxed, matter-of-fact nature of our chat. I was happy that I was confident enough in my presentation to enjoy the encounter.


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