TG Themed Movie: The Skin I Live In

One of the more popular themes in TG Fiction is the forced feminization of an unwilling male, either by forcing him to wear women’s clothing or by performing a complete sex change on him. While I have never really understood why this theme is so popular (for lots of us we have to be forced NOT to crossdress or change gender), but given the sheer number of such stories it must resonant with many TGs.

There is a new movie that is being generally released this week that deals with exactly this theme. Its title is “The Skin I Live In” and without giving too much away, it deals directly with the idea of forced feminization. It is a bit of an Indie film but is directed by a well known director and contains mainstream actors. It is likely to be be playing in an “art theater” near you soon.

 From what I have read, it is more of a horror story than anything else. It is a dark, violent story of revenge and completely different from “TransAmerica” which was a serious but more lighthearted movie about TGs. You can read an interview with the director here:

One of the major points of the interview is that Almodovar believes gender change is the ultimate challange to  God (which is one of his reasons for making the movie). I find it odd that many who oppose gender change believe the same thing. It is like both supporters and opponents believe the same thing, just differ on whether they think challanging God is a good idea or not. I have never viewed gender in quite such cosmological terms (even though I consider myself a Christian) and so find it hard to get worked up about it. Someday I will write something about  being a Christian TG.

I have not decided whether to see the movie or not. I tend to avoid horror films (I think the last one I saw was “Poltergeist”) and highly violent films. There is a rather graphic rape scene in the movie and I can do without seeing that. Still I am curious about the film and may yet attend. If anyone does see it please let me know what your reactions are.


One thought on “TG Themed Movie: The Skin I Live In

  1. What a coincidence… I just saw that movie last night! The version I watched was in Russian, so it was a little hard to follow at times. I wasn’t even aware of the “forced fem” theme until about halfway through the movie… until that point, I thought she was simply a lab rat for the doctor’s experiments with indestructible skin.

    There are indeed a couple of violent rape scenes, the first occurring within the first 15 minutes of the film. I’m not sure if I’d really call it a horror movie though. More like science fiction. All in all, I enjoyed it.

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