Forced Femininization – Why?

I have been reading various reviews of the movie “The Skin I Live In” trying to decide if I am going or not and doing so caused me to starting thinking about the popularity of the idea of forced femininization in the TG community. I visited some TG fiction sites and was once again struck by how many stories had forced feminization as the central theme. There are two sub-themes: one is that the guy is forced to crossdress for some harmless reason, such as needing an extra actress in a stage show. The guy then discovers he really likes it and ends up transitioning willingly. The other is that he is forced to crossdress or have a sex change as punishment for some bad behavior, usually towards women. The later tends to be considerably more violent. In both forms the guy often comes to love his new identify, although often in some dominated form in the later form.

I have often wondered why such such stories are so popular. As I noted, in my previous post, such stories have never really appealed to me (actually TG fiction in general does not appeal to me but such stories especially don’t appeal) but they do seem to have a large following. My usual explanation is that some TGs are basically ashamed of their condition and hence can enjoy being “female” only if “forced”. Their behavior is excused since it was not something voluntary, they were “made to do it”. Hence such stories appeal to them as a way of expressing what they feel. At one level it sort of makes sense, though perhaps a little sad.

Sometimes, though,  I wonder if something darker is going on . The notion that being “female identified” is somehow degrading. That to make a male into a female is the surpreme punishment. In many of the stories with a forced sex change, the post op woman is further degraded in some way, perhaps being forced to be a prostitute or sex slave or perhaps just drawn to guys who will mistreat her. They are seldom successful a CEO after their transformation. I find these story lines really disturbing and I really don’t get them. Do some TGs really hate themselves so much? Do they also hate women at some level?

At this point, I don’t have a really good answer as to why such stories exist at all. I wonder how many TGs are actually attracted to such stories. Perhaps only a small, but visible , part of the community is interested in such stories. I also wonder if there is some generational thing going on, perhaps it is a leftover of a time in which TGs stayed much more hidden and there was more shame associated with it. With TGs appearing on prime time TV, such as Chaz Bono, perhaps the notion of having to be forced to cross dress or transition for it to be okay, is much less necessary. In any case for those of us drawn to the female, its hard to see why we need to be forced or degraded along the way. Perhaps what we need are stories in which we are forced not to crossdress or transition. The problem is that many of us would find such stories too true to real life to be entertaining.


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