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TGSF–For any of you coming to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2012–be sure and remember the SF support group TGSF.

Their web site willl have a calender of events–and many girls will work with me..while in the Bay Area.

Take a look at their site!

Holiday Wrap

Dec 22, Hello Everyone-

If you’re going out to a holiiday party, but don’t want to carry a heavy coat around- the stores are now carrying darling faux fur throw to put over your shoulders. I love mine, you can wrap yourself up….like a small warm throw. The black faux fur will probably blend best with any holiday dress. I also wear mine with jeans and heels. This is a great wardrobe piece to wear anyplace–anytime!


Creating A More Feminine Personaliy

Types, from the Dr. Phil Show today. Oct 22, 2010 show.

Hi everyone, welcome to my FI blog.

In working with serious TG women, many who are considering full time transition, I have noticed some male to female clients…have stronger, more black and white personality types. When in their feminine presentation, this personality type can come across more controlling, less passionate, and often gets in the way of my training.


Today, I watched this show on Dr. Phil, describing

The Five Personalithy Traits by Dr. Sam Gosling, from the Univ of Texas at Austin.

Do you feel, both men and women have the same personality traits, or does one gender generally have more of certain personality traits —due to nature and/or nuture And, can a serious transitioning TG woman work towards changing more male personality traits? If not, does this affect their success and new life? I truly don’t know, and I would love to hear your input and anyone who has transitioned, if this has been an issue/ or if hormones do change some or all, or none of this? Lets discuss this, I am very open—as I often reach a WALL with certain personality types, and have not understood it, until watching this show. Question- Does this apply to transition?

Dr. Sam Gosling is a professor of psychology at the University of Texas and author of Snoop: What Your Stuff Says about You. He explains, “Snoop is about how we can express ourselves, both deliberately and unconsciously, in the spaces around us, and, in turn, how you can look at spaces around people and figure out what they’re like. Some of it they want to tell you, and they’re being authentic when they do that, but some of the things they tell you accidentally, just by the way they leave their objects on their desk, and organize their books and so on.”


“It seems like there is a real consensus that there are five big factors that describe personality right now,” Dr. Phil says. “I’m not saying that it’s perfect. Those five characteristics are openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism.”


Dr. Gosling describes the five personality traits:

  • Openness
    “Imagine that you go into a restaurant. Are you the type of person, when you get the menu, who points to the thing you’ve never seen and say, ‘I’ll have that, whatever it is,’ or are you the sort of person who says, ‘I don’t even need to open the menu. I’ll have the spaghetti. I like what I know. I know what I like. Bring me the spaghetti’?” he asks.
  • Conscientiousness
    “Conscientiousness is more about people who think before they act. They plan,” Dr. Gosling says. “Are you the sort of person who only replaces the toilet roll when it runs out, or do you get some beforehand?”
  • Extroversion
    “These people tend to be more dominant. They tend to be more active, and they really get energized by people,” Dr. Gosling explains. “Many people can come to a party, but afterward, you can really tell between the introverts and the extroverts, because the introverts need to go sit down and be alone for a bit to decompress, whereas the extroverts are energized by it.”
  • Agreeableness 
    “It’s really people who are warm, sympathetic, versus people who are going to tell it to you bluntly, and they’re not going to try to hide their feelings. They’re going to be direct with you,” Dr. Gosling says.
  • Neuroticism
    This trait relates to stability, stress and worry. “It depends on what kind of a world you live in. If you’re in a world full of threats, then it’s good to be very alert to threats. If you’re in a safe world, which most of us are now, then you can get very anxious and worried, worrying about things that aren’t actually threats to you,” Dr. Gosling explains.

Breast Form Store For Your Holiday Makeup, Wig& Clothing

Hello again, I forgot to mention the items The Breast Form Store has brought in–for holiiday fashions–shoes which fit in red, darling new wigs, and lots of holiday makeup ideas. Simple click on   I also have my Feminine Movement DVDs at the BFS–their friendly family owned business will answer the phone and all your questions Mon to Fri.

So, have a sober fun outing, put on some fun heels and go to a Christmas/Holiday event. I know Carlas in San Jose, CA is having a holiday party. Check any support group in your area, if you are looking for a holiday outings. I have a list of TG suppoort groups on my site, or do a computer search for an outing in your city or town. Or, if you know another tg friend–see if you can go togeether. Have fun, be safe and …at least go out for a nice meal.



Beard Concealer and Wigs

Beard Concealer and Wigs

Wearing Wigs and Makeup
When wearing several layers of clothing–  you may experience perspiration (lets just say sweating!) you want the best beard concealer and foundation for your skin type. Using as little foundation as possible is obviously most important. But for many Cross Dressers who can’t have laser, here are some tips.
For Cross Dresser the summer heat can be difficult when wearing a wig and heavy beard concealer.  Not only is it hot, but perspiration can run down your face and ruin your makeup and even drip on your blouse.  Being a “pageant girl” in Texas, we needed our makeup to stay on our face and off the stores clothing.  Here are some tips that will. Just before putting on your wig, take roll on clear antiperspirant (not deodorant) and run it along the ridge (just under the tip) of where the wig will touch your face. You should carry a smaller sample size along in your purse, for a second application–when things heat up.

Obtain the closest shave possible. Start with a freshly washed face, and then moisturize.I am told, to warm a moisturizer (any popular brand like Vasline Intensive Care Lotion fom a drug store), in a small bowel  tocomfortable level in your microwave. Also, have a sink of warm water ready and soak a hand. After applying your warm moisturizer begin with a multi-blade (or a good electric razor if you prefer), shave using downward strokes then shave using upward strokes afterward. Repeat the upward strokes two to three times to get the closest shave possible. Pay special attention to your chin and the area just above your lip, around and on the edge of the lip and under your nose. Having a styptic pencil handy is good idea until you get used to shaving this closely, a styptic pencil will stop any bleeding from cuts. It is very important to take the time to get the closet shave possible. Apply your warm, wet handtowel to your face and hold for a 2 minutes.

With a pair of cuticle scissors, carefully trim all nose and ear hairs. Many cross dressers forget this, and even after you makeup is removed, having no visible nose or ear hair is just a good practice to get into. Remington even makes electric shavers designed just for this purpose. Purchase a good pair of tweezers and a magnifying mirror with a light and search for any stray or gray hairs on your nose or between your eyebrows.

Camera flashes will definitely show heavy shadowed beards under most makeup. I recommend purchasing a beard concealer from any TG salon or web site, or make your own.. I make my own, to use on clients…so I can create a custom color…just think this way. You want to use two colors to take out the blue beard. Yellow and Orange. Try a cream or a powder–however a cream is probably best for Tg’s. This allows you to apply the exact proportion of pink and/or orange for your first coat. And, a yellow cream for your second coat.  Pink/ Orange and a Apply a Pink (or Orange cream lipstick)– to the beard and mustache areas using a “patting” motion. You don’t need to apply very much, just a light coat over the beard and mustache area will take the “shadow” out of the beard. Then, apply a yellow concealer which is found at any drug store (for dark circles under the eyes). Experiment with with how much orange you will need compared to how much yellow you will need. Everyone is different. Like the artist…find the right shade of yellow and orange to mix/blend  together– to cover the color of your beard. Again, you can use a cream–such as a orange or pinkish orange of lipstick OR you can use a powder in orange or pinkish orange blush. Finding that perfect percentage of yellow and/or orange…in a cream…is the best way I know to create your own beard concealor for only a few dollars. If you need to purchase a beard concealer, on the Internet, I suggest Ben Nye beard conealer, under $10.00

If you have any suggestions, let me hear them!

Holiday Clothing

Happy Holidays!

If any of you have a holiday or a New Years Eve party to attend–and you don’t have a budget for an entire outfit—simply put ONE red scarf, clutch bag or inexpensive sparkle jewelry. Your major investment will be the outfit–not the accessories. Go through your closet, find the basic solid colored dress and hosiery–and try a discount store such as Ross for a red accessory. Don’t forget the very long scarf’s you can wrap around your shoulders for a wrap.

Also—with all the new 4-5-6- inch high heels….. I suggest any woman over 5’9″–stay with a basic 3 inch heel –if you’re over 5 foot 9; I truly believe the new 2011 5 inch heel is for the millions of girls who are 5’5″ and below. Keep everything feminine, but basic–as you don’t want to “stand out” and draw attention to yourself–by the wrong selection in your wardrobe. So, ladies….look for holiday color in inexpensive pieces–while using your expensive basic piecces we alll have in our wardrobe.

Have Fun and Be Safe,


Bra –For Comfort

I am always looking for different styles for a more comfortable bra–yet pretty, and one with great support.

We have all seen the television commercials recently for the new Genie Bra. Okay, I lost all self control and ordered another from my hundreds of bras. The newest version 2 — of this comfort bra–has the new side pad which is the most natural pad, I have ever seen put into a bra. . I love this bra. No hooks, snaps, and you actually pull it on BY STEPPING INTO IT. What I love is the comfort and look., however the number one reason to purchase this bra–is if you like to sleep in your bra. In other words–if you don’t want to change your bra from day to night, etc. You can wear this bra–sleep in it, and it works regardless of the style. If you like comfort and no sharp straps, give this one a try. Or, if you have not ppurchased costly breast forms,  this new added pad will work for the new girl.  And, the price is very reasonable, they send you three colors with your order–I ordered larger so I could throw them in the hot dryer  (the cup fits any size or form) just measure aroundd your torso and go up one size. If you’re a comfort creature, you will have a diffficult time taking this bra off! They cost about $12.00 a piece! And, in three colors–the front of the bra–can look as if you’re wearing a shell or top–covers some of your chest area (or not). Perhaps take a look on the internet for the Genie Bra, however I purchased mine on QVC–as they had live video to show the many ways you can use the bra for for a shell or lacy camisole. Perhaps, try the QVC web site and type in the name, and watch video. If any of you have tried this, I would like to hear how it fit your body shape.


Tips For Eating Out

Hello from Denae. I often, after hours of training, will take a short  30 minute break with my client– from shopping, to grab a snack. In a high percentage of times, this is where I see her training drop out, as hunger takes over. I suggest you be mindful of the many things all people do, when they are in a hurry, when they are hungry, tired, under pressure, driving, etc. When out, take this opportunity to observe yourself during stressful times, places. It is much easier to “forget and get back into guy mode habits” when under stress. This is very important– as only practicing in front of a mirror– is  not enough training for an outing for the new TG woman.

When we eat, I see many TG women Open their mouth, and insert their foot!! Herewith some suggestions, most genetic women are mindful. Men often choose too large of a plate and they also take too large of bite. Next, men often open their mouths too wide. Men often shovel and dip while their heads are learning forward into the plate. Often men will bring food to their mouth, instead of having a balance of bringing the food towards  their fork while also…. learning into the fork from the waist. This  also applies to drinks. No large gulps. While your out eating next time, be mindful of how men eat, and how a graceful woman eats (someone you would be happy to learn from). 

If you have any tips, let me hear them!


Robin Will Be Blogging About The Breast Form Stores Products

Hello Girls! This is Denae. So many of you have been enjoying hearing blogging information, from Robin (who is a very successful TG woman who has worked very hard on blending, as has lots of help and tips–from her years of experience. The Breast Form Store has recently come out with some new products…..and we were thinking it would be a real test…for her to use them and make recomendations. Please watch for her upcoming thoughts. In addition, you might check the Breast Form Stores products…as they have products For The TG Woman. This takes into consideration, size and fit. In addition, this family owned business…personally answers the phone and questions regarding size. If you’re new and might need some sizing information, BFS is the very best place to start. Returns also accepted. More blogs to come!