Bra –For Comfort

I am always looking for different styles for a more comfortable bra–yet pretty, and one with great support.

We have all seen the television commercials recently for the new Genie Bra. Okay, I lost all self control and ordered another from my hundreds of bras. The newest version 2 — of this comfort bra–has the new side pad which is the most natural pad, I have ever seen put into a bra. . I love this bra. No hooks, snaps, and you actually pull it on BY STEPPING INTO IT. What I love is the comfort and look., however the number one reason to purchase this bra–is if you like to sleep in your bra. In other words–if you don’t want to change your bra from day to night, etc. You can wear this bra–sleep in it, and it works regardless of the style. If you like comfort and no sharp straps, give this one a try. Or, if you have not ppurchased costly breast forms,  this new added pad will work for the new girl.  And, the price is very reasonable, they send you three colors with your order–I ordered larger so I could throw them in the hot dryer  (the cup fits any size or form) just measure aroundd your torso and go up one size. If you’re a comfort creature, you will have a diffficult time taking this bra off! They cost about $12.00 a piece! And, in three colors–the front of the bra–can look as if you’re wearing a shell or top–covers some of your chest area (or not). Perhaps take a look on the internet for the Genie Bra, however I purchased mine on QVC–as they had live video to show the many ways you can use the bra for for a shell or lacy camisole. Perhaps, try the QVC web site and type in the name, and watch video. If any of you have tried this, I would like to hear how it fit your body shape.


2 thoughts on “Bra –For Comfort

  1. I am very large breasted with a 46 DD. I too purchased these genie bras and even the largest one doesn’t not give the support I need. I can see where they would be comfortable for sm or average size breasts. But, I am still on the “hunt” for a supportive comfortable bra in my size. :o(

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