Holiday Clothing

Happy Holidays!

If any of you have a holiday or a New Years Eve party to attend–and you don’t have a budget for an entire outfit—simply put ONE red scarf, clutch bag or inexpensive sparkle jewelry. Your major investment will be the outfit–not the accessories. Go through your closet, find the basic solid colored dress and hosiery–and try a discount store such as Ross for a red accessory. Don’t forget the very long scarf’s you can wrap around your shoulders for a wrap.

Also—with all the new 4-5-6- inch high heels….. I suggest any woman over 5’9″–stay with a basic 3 inch heel –if you’re over 5 foot 9; I truly believe the new 2011 5 inch heel is for the millions of girls who are 5’5″ and below. Keep everything feminine, but basic–as you don’t want to “stand out” and draw attention to yourself–by the wrong selection in your wardrobe. So, ladies….look for holiday color in inexpensive pieces–while using your expensive basic piecces we alll have in our wardrobe.

Have Fun and Be Safe,


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