Beard Concealer and Wigs

Beard Concealer and Wigs

Wearing Wigs and Makeup
When wearing several layers of clothing–  you may experience perspiration (lets just say sweating!) you want the best beard concealer and foundation for your skin type. Using as little foundation as possible is obviously most important. But for many Cross Dressers who can’t have laser, here are some tips.
For Cross Dresser the summer heat can be difficult when wearing a wig and heavy beard concealer.  Not only is it hot, but perspiration can run down your face and ruin your makeup and even drip on your blouse.  Being a “pageant girl” in Texas, we needed our makeup to stay on our face and off the stores clothing.  Here are some tips that will. Just before putting on your wig, take roll on clear antiperspirant (not deodorant) and run it along the ridge (just under the tip) of where the wig will touch your face. You should carry a smaller sample size along in your purse, for a second application–when things heat up.

Obtain the closest shave possible. Start with a freshly washed face, and then moisturize.I am told, to warm a moisturizer (any popular brand like Vasline Intensive Care Lotion fom a drug store), in a small bowel  tocomfortable level in your microwave. Also, have a sink of warm water ready and soak a hand. After applying your warm moisturizer begin with a multi-blade (or a good electric razor if you prefer), shave using downward strokes then shave using upward strokes afterward. Repeat the upward strokes two to three times to get the closest shave possible. Pay special attention to your chin and the area just above your lip, around and on the edge of the lip and under your nose. Having a styptic pencil handy is good idea until you get used to shaving this closely, a styptic pencil will stop any bleeding from cuts. It is very important to take the time to get the closet shave possible. Apply your warm, wet handtowel to your face and hold for a 2 minutes.

With a pair of cuticle scissors, carefully trim all nose and ear hairs. Many cross dressers forget this, and even after you makeup is removed, having no visible nose or ear hair is just a good practice to get into. Remington even makes electric shavers designed just for this purpose. Purchase a good pair of tweezers and a magnifying mirror with a light and search for any stray or gray hairs on your nose or between your eyebrows.

Camera flashes will definitely show heavy shadowed beards under most makeup. I recommend purchasing a beard concealer from any TG salon or web site, or make your own.. I make my own, to use on clients…so I can create a custom color…just think this way. You want to use two colors to take out the blue beard. Yellow and Orange. Try a cream or a powder–however a cream is probably best for Tg’s. This allows you to apply the exact proportion of pink and/or orange for your first coat. And, a yellow cream for your second coat.  Pink/ Orange and a Apply a Pink (or Orange cream lipstick)– to the beard and mustache areas using a “patting” motion. You don’t need to apply very much, just a light coat over the beard and mustache area will take the “shadow” out of the beard. Then, apply a yellow concealer which is found at any drug store (for dark circles under the eyes). Experiment with with how much orange you will need compared to how much yellow you will need. Everyone is different. Like the artist…find the right shade of yellow and orange to mix/blend  together– to cover the color of your beard. Again, you can use a cream–such as a orange or pinkish orange of lipstick OR you can use a powder in orange or pinkish orange blush. Finding that perfect percentage of yellow and/or orange…in a cream…is the best way I know to create your own beard concealor for only a few dollars. If you need to purchase a beard concealer, on the Internet, I suggest Ben Nye beard conealer, under $10.00

If you have any suggestions, let me hear them!

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