Breast Form Store For Your Holiday Makeup, Wig& Clothing

Hello again, I forgot to mention the items The Breast Form Store has brought in–for holiiday fashions–shoes which fit in red, darling new wigs, and lots of holiday makeup ideas. Simple click on   I also have my Feminine Movement DVDs at the BFS–their friendly family owned business will answer the phone and all your questions Mon to Fri.

So, have a sober fun outing, put on some fun heels and go to a Christmas/Holiday event. I know Carlas in San Jose, CA is having a holiday party. Check any support group in your area, if you are looking for a holiday outings. I have a list of TG suppoort groups on my site, or do a computer search for an outing in your city or town. Or, if you know another tg friend–see if you can go togeether. Have fun, be safe and …at least go out for a nice meal.



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