Going to the Symphony – Getting there

As Denae mentioned in her last post, I went to the San Francisco Symphony this week. I had originally planned to go Friday night with a friend but problems arose with that and so I went alone on Thursday afternoon. The symphony performed Mozart’s 9th Piano Concerto and Tchaikovsky’s 5th Symphony. The later is one of my favorite pieces but I will get back to the Symphony later.

Since the performance was in the afternoon, I decided to take the day off work and enjoy some extended time “en femme”. It had been a while since I had a whole day free and so I decided to make the most of it (I thought). I was planning on getting a little dressed up for the concert and thought that it would not quite be appropriate for wandering around shopping malls. I wanted to be able to make the change between outfits fast and so I decided to wear a long sleeve top and skirt for the shopping time. The skirt is a black JNY corduroy one that is a real favorite. I like them so much I have them in olive and tan. They are comfortable and look nice. The top was a patterned t-shirt I bought at Kohl’s. I have really gotten to like the patterned t-shirts at Kohl’s. They seem to have a new one every few weeks and it usually ends up in my closet. They are $10-15 and so it is not a large investment. This particular one had lots of colors: black, olive, brown, violet, tan, etc.. Somehow they were all mixed together in a nice pattern. I often combine the t-shirts with my collection of Gloria Vanderbilt jeans for all sorts of looks. It is a much more casual look than I used to have but I feel a lot more comfortable in it, both in terms of physical comfort as well as “fitting in” with how other women dress. Oddly enough, it still feels as “femme” as a skirt suit or a dress. This day, however, I combined it with the corduroy skirt and it still felt pretty casual.

I wore some black MJ shoes that look nice and are very comfortable. They are leather and have a little bit of a rise in the heel. I have worn them for hours and hours and just love them. I brought along a knit jacket but did not need it as the temperature was almost 70 degrees! I visited a mall along the way to SF and it had a Sears, Penny’s, and my new favorite show store, DB shoes. I stopped at JCP first since they have changed all their pricing away from sales and to sort of a “everyday low pricing” model. Macy’s did the same thing which lead me to not shop so much their. Getting rid of sales seems to have the opposite effect on me that what they expect. If I can get it tomorrow for the same price as today, why buy it today?? I wandered through JCP and was nicely greeted by various sales people. I ended up buying one thing, a lightweight black cardigan sweater. I am trying to do more layering and it goes well over my t-shirts. It was a nice price ($14). Unfortunately I did not like most of the rest of the clothes there. They have more problems that just pricing.

From there I stopped at DB Shoes. I was actually a little irritated at them since they refused to accept a pair of boots I tried to return on the grounds that they had been worn. I was returning them since it turned out I had a pair just like them at home (which is why I liked them in the store). I bought them off the clearance rack ($169 marked down to $39) but did not need another pair. Both the clerk and the manager claimed they had been worn (they had not) and so refused to accept them. I stormed out of the store and vowed never to return. Unfortunately they have great deals and so it was an empty threat, but at least I refused to go back to that store. I had never been in this particular store but it was a lot like the others. Lots of shoes from running shoes to boots to outlandish heels. Mostly well known brands but some unknown ones too (and some “store” brands). Too many choices, I could spend lots of money here. I ended up getting a pair of black “scrunchy” knee high boots in a faux suede material and a pair of black Keds walking shoes. Both are closed with zippers. Neither have much of a heel and so are comfortable for wearing for hours and hours. The boots are big enough to go over my jeans and since they are black, they go with most of the jeans. I could also wear them with a longish skirt. I was treated nicely by the sales clerk as were all the other customers in the store.

At that point, I had hoped to spend even more time exploring the mall but got a phone call on my cell phone from my boss who wanted me to call into an unscheduled meeting. Although I was officially not working, I needed to be part of the meeting and so spent the next two hours sitting outside a McDonalds on the phone watching slides on my notebook courtesy of their free WiFi hotspot. It was hardly the day I planned but I did take perverse delight in attending the meeting en femme. Once again, I was really glad we don’t use video conferencing!! I had planned a nice lunch but ended up at 7-11 buying a tuna sandwich as by the time the meeting was over I had very little time to get dressed for the symphony and drive into San Francisco.

This has gone on longer than expected and so I will cover my time at the Symphony in my next post.


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