Robin Tried A New Wig From The Breast Form Store

Hello Ladies- Robin is out of town, and will be posting about her new wig from the Breast Form Store. She tried it on for me, and we went out. I believe this is the PERFECT wig (especially for the new girl) as it is mid length, comes in many colors, and has curls which are light and stay in. So, no worry about after care, just put it on and go. It comes in around the neck, and if you are concerned about having a larger neck-this covers! The bangs are darling, can be down or brushed over to one side. And, the price!! You will not find a wig as good as this, at their price. I will have Robin give you more details, photo and price….but do go to  and look at their wigs. They also have wonderful breast form pads in all shapes and sizes, and heels which will fit! So, if you do not want to spend a lot of money, but have a family owned business…which will answer your questions over the telephone (yes they answer their calls) this is a greast place to start, and you can return items if not used. dIf you’re new don’t spend $500.00 on a wig you have not tried on!! This wig is around $100.00 and is their number 1 seller for the TG woman!!

I love it, and wore it myself!


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