Blog Us About Your “Dressy” Outings ~ TG Stories

Hello everyone, so many of you have enjoyed reading about Robin’s outings in SF….as she blends. I asked for any of you who feel you can successfully go out, to blog and tell where you went, and what you wore, and what you think made it possible for you to blend in, enjoy the Ballet. What tips you would give others girls, who do want to take it up some. Of course, if you consider yourself a CD and it doesn’t matter, then you and probably 90% of all girls are in the category. Shellie wrote to us, and she will now begin blogging about her outings, as she is also near the Bay area and is going to the Ballet, art openings, etc. I will let her tell you her story! Shellie, tell us about your latest outing, and how it compared to the first time you went out dressed to a nice place!

I would love to hear about all your outings, and you can just say “A” for your name and your email will not be included, unless you want it. Just tell us to include it or not, and the same with photos!

2 thoughts on “Blog Us About Your “Dressy” Outings ~ TG Stories

  1. Hi Denae, I just wanted to share with you that I finally went poolside, yes poolside. I wore a pretty one-piece bathing suit with form fitting cups. My breast forms fit beautifully in the cups. The suit was navy blue with some pink trim. My legs were silky smooth right up to my bathing suit. My front looked so female because of proper “tucking.”. My robe was pink, as were my sandals. My nails and toe nails were “pretty in pink.”. I felt so feminine. I went to the pool with two gg’s, best friends. We wore big fluffy sun hats, sunglasses and sipped nice drinks with those little umbrellas in them. The best part was that this pool was mainly filled with lesbians and transvestites. The waiters were “hunks” who wore tight tee shirts and short briefs, oh so sexy. I felt so womanly as I eyed these “darling men”, most of them with big bulges. It was so nice when the “hunks” rubbed sun tan lotion on my back and legs. Now this is when I was jealous that my girlfriends were wearing bikinis and two piece suits. Oh, well, I’ll tell more next time. Hugs.

    • patrice, good for you I know traveling in femme has been one of your dreams. I am happy for you. I have another client, who will be posting her airline travels, with me….to Southern Comfort in the next few days. It is difficult for us to blog each day, but if any of you have also had travel stories, please email them. We are interested in anyone who went out of the US, we are just not sure if it is safe or not. So, please tell us, if you have.
      Thanks Patrice,

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