The First Step

Hi, everyone.   My name is Shellie.  I have been a client of Denae’s for several years, and she asked me to write about my experiences going out as a woman her in the San Francisco Bay Area.  You have read about some of Robin’s outings on this blog, so

Denae thought you might like to read about mine. 

Like many people, my dressing was done at home and in secret, but I felt I wanted to experience going out as a woman.  Like Robin, I also like classical music, so I thought going to a concert would be a good place to start.  Unfortunately, there was nothing in my secret wardrobe appropriate to wear to a concert.

 I screwed up my courage and went to a Lane Bryant at a nearby mall.  If their sales associates had greeted e with giggles, I would have fled the store in terror.  Instead, the sales associate I met greeted me, listened to what I wanted to do, and selected several outfits for me to try on.  We settled on a black skirt with sequins, a shimmery gold metallic-like top, a black velvet short-waisted jacket with long sleeves, and a couple of pair of nude-colored stockings.   I thanked her for her help and took my purchases home. 

At home I prepared myself very carefully to go to the concert that evening.  I wanted to make sure I looked perfect for my first outing.  I inserted my breast forms into my bra and hooked it up.  I pulled on my long-legged girdle and attached my stockings to its leg tabs.  After donning my slip and adjusting the shoulder straps (I loooove slips!), I carefully applied my makeup—foundation, blush, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, eye shadow, blush, lip pencil, lipstick, and lip gloss.  Finishing my look, I put on my wig—an ash blonde-colored, mid-length cut that fell just to my shoulders.  I put on my skirt and top, and slipped into a black patent leather pair of pumps with two-inch heels.  I slipped into my new velvet jacket, grabbed my hand bag, and went out the door on my maiden voyage as a woman.

NEXT TIME:  Shellie goes to her first concert, with an emergency trip back to Lane Bryant.

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