How To Have Your Breast Forms Best Fit In Your Bra

Hello from Denae. Today I wanted to make a comment on where to place your breast forms in your bra; Recently  a client and i were working on her wardrobe and why the blouse was not fitting correctly.. I suddently reaoized she had placed her breast forms outward to appear to blend with the upper arm, ( most T woman have larger upper arms and feel the breast form should be closer to the upper arm. . However, when I pulled both breast formsd INWARD, leaving some space between both breasts–she looked more natural and thinner.. Put a little blush or color, on our chest.

When getting  dressed, stand in the of your mirror and have your pads facing forward and some what more inward. In addition. check to see they are  not to high as it will appear like a padded bra!. Each blouse or sweater will be different, so change your pads and check the best direction for each blouse. Ttry turning the pads with longer sides— pointing upward– for a slope look) which looks more natural than a round pad amd do’t forget to  re-adjust your bra stra–not to high or to low. With tight sweaters, you may not want to go as large as normal with the padding, unless of course you want the attention! Interesting jewelry around the bustline is always interesting, it can b worn short or long! And try to get your correct bra measurement. Once you know a great bra line for yoi, and you have determined your correct size,  try to stay with that line, as so many lines have different sizes and the less expensive bras will stretch, and not last.The nude Skin tone is a great color, along with black. And enhancers go well with pads that might be a little small!

Have fun, feeling feminine


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