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THE BREAST FORM Store Has The Newest Curved, Natural Breast

Dreamlike breast forms DIAMOND
Like a dream – silicone breast forms DIAMOND by Amolux, self adhering – perfect fit, high quality ultra soft medical silicone, perfect replication of a biological breast, “Made in Germany”

This style has a natural cut out curve and looks so natural, go to the to see more of their photos of the latest breastforms, taken from a real womans breasts–to look natural.


What Looks Best For You, Expert For Cosmo Magazine, Redbook Magazine

 Ever looked at your closet and wished an amazing ensemble would appear?

It can! My 4 Types Beauty Panel joins me with great tips to help you know how to put an outfit together, easy.

Their outfit tips are specific to the 4 Types in my Beauty Profiling system. Even if you don’t know your Type, their great tips will help you put together outfits that make you look amazing!


Outfit Tips for Every Type

  • Bright, Animated Type 1

Putting together an outfit might not look like a process for you—not a structured one anyway. That’s great! Embrace your random, spontaneous nature and put on whatever feels fresh. Once you’re dressed, stop long enough to check in that you’re wearing something that feels fun to you. Mix Color. No More match-match, so find that scarf and throw it around your shoulders,

  • Subtle, Soft Type 2

Your attention to detail is a strength, but don’t let details overwhelm you. Start with a particular item. Then assembe details around it. You might be more willing to try something new if you remind yourself that you don’t have to repeat anything you don’t like. Add Jewelry


Like a Type 2, you might choose an item you want to wear and build an outfit around it. But you’ll be swift about it. Make sure your closet’s set up for quick, practical results. If your priority item for the day isn’t working, scrap it and go with an outfit you know will work.

When you’re Dressing Your Truth, you have a high standard for what you keep in your closet and put on your body. That’s great! Don’t add anything to an outfit that doesn’t meet your standard. If you don’t like something—even if it worked for you in the past—don’t feel obligated to hold onto it.

I wonder how many Type 4′s share Sheryl’s experience with bold color.

Feel like you understand a little more about how to put outfits together? Llearn more tips and hear the outfit inspiration you get some mornings before you ever look in my closet!

 We’d love to hear how you play with YOUR wardrobe. Leave a comment and tell us the trick that helps you build a great outfit.

 Three more great outfit tips for all Types

  • When you think about outfit ideas, remember to also think about movement.

The list of your Beauty Profile keywords in my book describes your movement—including the way you put together an outfit! Read the list again with this in mind and embrace your unique process.

  • Create a style library.

It doesn’t have to be professional or high-tech. Just take a picture of today’s outfit with the camera on your phone. Putting together an outfit with what you have becomes that much easier when you have an archive of cute outfit ideas you already came up with!

  • Try new things and listen to YOUR style. You have a beauty sixth sense: use it.

Dressing Your Truth is a makeover system that turns all these outfit tips into a simple process.

All the clothes in your closet look amazing together—and, most important, they look amazing on you! Our easy-to-use online training program teaches you how to put together outfits, using 5 key elements customized to the movement of your facial features, body language, and even personality.

How Do We Feel Pretty, When looking at Cosmo, Seventeen, and Voque

No wonder we don’t feel so great about ourselves when looking at the magazine and television shows? I worked on the fashion business for years, and owned and operated  two modeling schools (one in Texas and one in CA). Sadly, the agents who would come in to see if we had any new girls they could sign and take to NY or LA–for large jobs. Always, they would pick the E.T.–from the movie ET who had the large head and long thin arms and legs. No desprespect (If this will make you feel better) being a ET would quarantee a girl who had worked on her movement, hair, teeth–would get the job. What they were looking for is a young girl, before 14 and before her Estrogen started “filling her legs, arms, and tush out.

Now, here we are, the average girl in your town, comparing yourself to a 14 or 15-year-old girl, and her photo has been touched out also, with experts on hair and makeup. So, the next time you walk past one of those magazines…really pick up the cover….and study how young you would think this girl would be, without all the makeup hair extensions and   false lashes.

Hopefully this helps you in some way, who wants to be ET anyway, and it is a short lived job. Most go to school and get their education while modeling. Watch more for the attractive girl/woman/ who is more your size and shape. Catalogs: I have stopped picking my outfits my catagots, as the girls are so much younger and thinner.

 They use tricks such as pinning the blouse tight, or pinning the skirt in the back, or pulling the pants legs in to look thinner. So, really look for your body type and what will look good on you and not what looks good on her!!  Take your time to shop. If you leave with nothing, that is okay…it is better to have a few fab piece and come back for more shopping and have a piece that fits.   Find show stores that specializes in larger size and have them shipped, if you have a wide foot, look for wide or an open toe, or a strap in the back which can be opened for more room.

Most TG Woman Want To Be Thin ( See Similar Article On TG Life)

Hello All- I recently have watched Housewives of Georgia, and several other movie stars–who have lost  baby weight in weeks. I have a child and it took   years.  Recently the gossip in LA is to take a water pill  maybe once a week( do not take my recomendation but ask your doctor as water is one of the causes of not losing weight) and add in a with potassium from your health food store, with salads (and some have a tummy tuck and a breast lift) and they get their entire body done in a couple of months. I use to think, I’m exercising and busy with my child, how can I not lose weight. Water is very heavy and it bloats.  I can’t be sure this is correct, and I have taken water pills (natural and from my doctor) and you can get sick–you have to spread them out and eat two to three meals a day.  I suggest a natural water pill from the health food store, has all sorts of vitamins that takes the water out. I would only 1-2 weells , and I could not believe how much water there I had lost. . Ask your doctor, if you have a weight problem, to test your thyroid and ask if you can take a water pill,  he probably will not want to give you a RX but ask him about a natural one. They worked for me! Take potassium pill each day, and the more the better. After you get feel what is working or not working for you — you might be able to increase to two per week, but again talk to you doctor. The more water you drink the better the results, as yo have water around your organs also.  The tummy tuck, that takes money!

I have written on TG Life a couple of years ago, and I am working with them, on getting back on board, I miss you girls!


htto:// A great website, with articles and photos

Hello everyone. I have known Gina Lance for several years, and she and another lady, have put TG together. There is something there for everyone, some great products and fun photos. Check it out!