Mirror Work For Helping TG Women

Dear Claudia- I received so many comments back on this post–I am going to post it again, for those who may have missed it. Please ccomment back, what you like about it, and what it really states about you as tg women. If you wiill ask me a comment, I am getting  better at answering. Herewith the article I wrote.

Mirror Behavior For TG Women

15 Mar 2012 2 Comments

by femimage in Fashion Tips For The Transgendered Woman Tags: [Edit]

I was recently at a cocktail party, and an interesting person asked about my work. They discussed “Mirror Behavior”.  Goggle for details, but I am very interested in….how this will help the new Trans woman, with her movement. I found about 5 sites on Goggle, full of information.

To apply to how to look more feminine, herewith a  few “jewels” I found.

1. Leaning foward towards the person speaking to you. (shows interest in him or her).

2. Straighten your jewelry, or move your hair.

3. Make direct eye contact and do not look at anyone else in the room. Show him interest. All of us are quilty of doing this. However, when you’re interested in dating someone…this is very important.

4. Act shy. Okay all males. This is important, Don’t take control. This is probably the one personality issue, my clients have the most difficulty changing. Leave the controlling  personality at work, or at least at home.

5.Keep a prolonged look (but do not make them uncomfortable).

6. Practice not blinking. In fact, practice your facial “looks, smiles, eyes, teeth, etc. before you begin going out, so you get comfortable with your new image. Learn to listen, and look the person in the eyes–they are the only person in the room–don’t glance at everyone that walks by.Try licking your lips SOME, but don’t over-do.  Stroke your arm or neck with a finger, stroking is hypnotic!

7. Ask the other person, about themselves. Wait until they ask about you…before you mention very much abouut yourself.

8. Women are comfortable with more space  between them…than men are. Generally about 2 feet.

9. When you shake hands, keep your hand shake light, and keep your fingers and skin soft. If you like him, put your other hand…softly on top of his. Remember, to oil your hands at night, some  women have hands which are very hard–due to their work. Keep those toes soft, with warm water and lotion. Fresh toe nail polish if you’re goinjg out, with fresh panties and bra. Nothing old or stained! Save your “pretty” garments for going out. Panty shields also help. I suggest Mitchum underarm, for male and female. Odor just can’t get through.

10 And, be sure and lean into them briefly when you are introduced or say hello. Then, step back slightly. Now, it’s his move!  If you don’t get a response, then move on, we have all been rejected.

11. Remember their name!

12. This is a must, keep your new feminine voice soft. Use the feminine gestures, I taught you in my  Vol 3 (Gestures When Speaking) You can find this at http://www.femimage.com  click on DVDs and look for Vol 3.

Keepyour wrist broken, and wear nail polish and nails which are shaped nicely. Wear a very light perfume, a strong perfume is for the old ladies! Pick items up with your finger tips, don’t grab the glass or fork. Take slow bites,

 Try to point your toes, towards your date.! Also, try to point your toes and knees, in the same direction. Move your shoulders, a lot! Tilt your head and did I say, Lick Your Lips!!

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