Wig Length ! The Best For TG Women

I recently ran a test, on how the lenth of a wig determined how well a girl blended. I bought a darling short wig, from Breast Form Store. To my surprrise, the shorter wigi blended in better than the longer wigs. Now, I’m not talking about “your grandmothers’s wig”– but a very new more modern or even “edgy” cut .

 If you have any long wigs you no longer wear, take it to your hair stylist and tell her you will not hold her responsible if it doesn’t work out (hair stylist will not cut a wig if you didn’t buy it from them) however iby telling  her it is an old wig   that you no longer like, and release  her of af all   finacial responsibility- many will take these longer wigs and cut them into updated, fun short wig.s Take in a few photos of short styles of women, so she understands what you want. I did this  re4cently, and I am familar with my hair stylist, which helps, and she cut the long wig, on my head–to match the photo. And, I love it–no one even knows who I am.  So, find a stylist,– tip her well always–if she takes care of you, and as you develope a relationship with her– ask her to cut your older, long wigs, with no liability. I was going to toss my anyway, so I only had a little cash to lose, but gained a wig that is real human hair-which looks so fun and even sporty to wear out during the day.

For TG women it is essential to devekope good relationships with your hair stylist (who knows your tg) and a makeuip artist at a store, and someone in the wardrobe dept. Tip them well, or take in a little gift. I tip my hair dresser–she is more important than my mailman or doctor!



. Take in some photos of short wigs to givef her an ifrss, and bring a new life to one of your old wigs!! You can be many womren —and on a budget1!!


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