Simple Way For TG Women To Have Long, Beautiful Nails Which Are Temporary

Hello Ladies, when it is time to think about going out.

Yes, what to wear and where to go. My finger nails are always a constant source of concern. Applying them at the nail salon is a hassel and I hate to sit there and endure the wait. Here is a great tip, it is the new Kiss All In One Press On Nail, with self adhesive. You can also purchase a BOTTLE (not tube) of extra nail glue, and apply one dab on your most used fingers. (You can easily remove them that night, or …they will stay on for the weekend.–IF YOU PUT A FEW MORE DABS ON..

 Tip: Take some tape and double it. Stick it to your table or bathroom sink/tile.. so the sticky side is on both sides. Place your nails on the tape, so they are not flying all over–as this makes your nail application 100 times easier.. and you can come home, and remove them and SAVE them on your tape. So, go out this week-end and have fun with your new nails. Let me know how they worked for you. I will give you a report on how they stayed for me also.  French tip or colors. Have a great weekend!


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