Spray On Makeup For Your Legs (Or All Of Your Body)

Hello from Denae. I live near the beach in CA.  I went to the beach over July 4th and found my skin to still be fair. We all hate the orage gels you put on your body, that will NOT come off your knees, ankles.  There are many new brands that have the newSPRAY ON LIQUID LEGS. You can wash it out that night, if needed or maintain it aall over your body for a golden glow.  I apply a lotion first, so the spray on tanning makeup for legs, will be easier to apply. The brands are in several drug stores, and after Sept or Oct it will go on sale, so find a brand a color you stock up. They have fair, med and dark. Do a test, after lotion before any important event. I even apply to my face with a cotton pad (careful around the eyes). Now that skin cancer is so easy to get, put some time and effort into the brand and color. You will find your legs look great when wearing shorts too! Blend the top of the foot with a wash cloth, and blend lightly on knees. However they are NOT a 3 or 4 day stain. You will love this product.


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