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Most Asked Questions By Ny Students, Herewith Some Random Tips

Hello Fellow Bloggers, Herewith a list of tips, which are sorta my most ask questions. If you have any great tips or wonderful wardrobe finds, let us know!Voice is a big one, I put together a Voice CD this week with E Book to show the vocal folds, to help you understand. I feel, people make voice to difficult. I have been teaching voice and movement to my TG clients for over 12 years, and yes it is difficult, but I am listing in my new CD which is out next week of www.FemImage…the simple steps for changing your pitch, resonance and inflection.

Watch for this is voice CD next week. I am leaving for Southern Comfort in Atlanta, next Wed, and I will have a ton to blog. For any of you that attend, please send in some photos…so we can post them!!

Below are some basic tips that all cds and ts woman….MOST OFTEN ASK ME!

Denae Doyle of

Femininity Coach






Women with large breast and heavy shoulders should avoid carrying short-handled bags that finish around the bust area, as this only serves to accentuate your breasts and shoulders more. Go for a longer length finishing around your middle, or a clutch purse, which is carried in your hand.


Choose a bag, which finishes at the upper torso, just under the arm, rather than around your middle. You want to draw eyes away from your thick waist and hips but deflecting attention elsewhere. Any bag, which falls at your widest part, will make you appear heavier.




Bags can be used to draw the eyes away from the bits of your body you want to hide, and focus attention on those areas, which you consider to be your assets. Don’t use a really long strap it will make you appear taller. I like a shoulder strap bag and I can put put my hand through and lock it in the back with my elvow. I show this on my Vol 1 as it is difficult to describe. And, always hand your coat to your date when leaving and let him put it on you, again vol 1 will show you how to slide right in, without going in a circle.


Tweeze the center of your eyebrows and look carefully to make sure you don’t get them too far apart. You can always go back later and remove additional hairs if you need more space. May men and women will use Just For Men Mustach and Sideburn removal, to take any light color away in your eyebrows. Be care, NOT to get it in your eyes, get a color that matches your naturaleyebrows and this helps you to not have to apply eye brow pencil. An, in guy mode it helps you look younger for the executives or owners…at your work. This is a really good tip, and please use it. Apply, and draw it on, don’t ut it on your skin, just use brush to draw a small amount to outline your eyebrow, as if yo;re putting pencil on. Add a little extra for a difficult white hair, or pull it!


Should I sit on one or both of my feet? You’re sending a signal that you’re real casual when you sit on your feet. But when you have your legs firmly planted on the ground you’re actually sending a good signal that you are open, communicative and ready to respond.


What gesture shows a woman is interested? If she likes you she’s going to look at you. She’s most likely going to gaze into your eyes. She’s going to lean forward. She may touch your hand. She’ll smile a lot. She’ll ask you a lot of questions.


Which Gloss To Purchase?

Pot: Products in pots, tend to be weightier and more viscous than those in wands, tubes, or vials.

Wands: Will lady down a thin layer of gloss and require less accuracy than a brush
Tube: Great on the go, tubes squeeze on lip-gloss in juicy pomegranate typically contain the sheerest high-shine shades.

At most Drug Stores, they have new STAIN lipstick, I love it….as it truly stains your lips and prevents your lip color from leaving when licking your lips. Also, when nervous, put a small amount of Vaseline on the back of your upper front teeth, it helps! 

. Tube: Great on the go, tubes squeeze on lip-gloss in juicy pomegranate typically contain the sheerest high-shine shades.
Brush: Thinner, more pigmented glosses usually come with brushes, since they require very precise application.




 Shy To Date?

 Stop thinking about you and think about the other person. You’re so busy thinking about putting your foot in your mouth — or not putting your foot in your mouth — that you’re not being all that you can be. Try focusing on the other person. Look at them not as a person who’s criticizing you or judging you, but as someone who wants to get to know you


 Handbags For Very Tall Women. Avoid long skinny-style bags. Counterbalance your figure with something broad, slouchy or unstructured such as a Hobo type.

 For the smaller woman, a clutch bag is fabulous.


Breast Forms

What shape of breast form should I purchase? There are three issues: shape, size, and quality.

There are 4 basic shapes: Push-Ups, Rain-Drops, Triangles & Tear Drops. Shop For Your Price Range–As Breast Forms Can Be Inexpensive To Very Expensive, And Shop Many Different Web Sites.



Push-Ups These are smaller and more oblong to allow for an even “push-up” effect. This style is often used for the lifting of your bust in your bras and swimsuits. These are often adhesive (Nubra and generic versions). Unless you have significant breast tissue of your own, these are not useful for most tgs


Teardrops These forms add extra fleshy “full-ness” to your underarm area as the “tear” portion of the breast form is meant to be tucked into the band of your bra. This is especially important to Mastectomy patients and many Crossdressers when trying to achieve a very natural look. The tear portion is not really intended to stick out of the top of your bra although many tgs do so.13.

Triangles This shape is the most desirable when thickness and protrusion are important to your look. This is especially important to smaller framed females and many Crossdressers who demand firmness and protrusion. It’s the most popular for TG14.

Raindrops:  These are simple half domes without any extra material around the form. They look most like a natural female breast but may not have the projection many tgs want. They are also made by only a few companies.


 The size of the breast form should generally follow the rest of your measurements. Tgs should resist the impulse to have especially large forms. It’s helpful to remember that the average bra size is a 34B. Now, most tgs do not have a 34 band, but stay with a B or C cup, especially if passing is important.


We will talk about bra sizing next. In picking a breast form it’s helpful to follow standard clothing chart sizing (which each store has on their web site), so your clothes will fit better. It’s helpful to start with the measurement that can’t change (usually waist)… and then adjust bust and hip sizes to match the size which coordinates best with your waist.


What about self-adhesive forms, for that braless look?

Most breast form vendors offer at least one model that can be worn without a bra. Some involve an adhesive support that attaches to the chest (no hair) and then hooks to the form via Velcro. This works well but the patches are expensive and can only be used once. Increasingly forms are appearing that do not require a patch but have the adhesive on the form itself. It may be reused some number of times. 


To instantly look taller and trimmer, go monochromatic by matching the color tone of your hosiery to your shoe and your hem.


With a brightly colored garment, choose neutral shoes and match hose to shoes. Example: red dress, taupe hose, and taupe shoes.

Very dark, light or bright hosiery colors and patterns or textures draw attention to your legs. Off-white or light beige can be worn with black during the summer season.




So what’s one of the biggest hosiery mistakes for TG women? Wearing dark hose to hide spider veins, or un-shaven legs.  Unless your ensemble is dark, you’re calling attention TO your legs, not AWAY from them. Dress in darker colors to match the hose, or wear a longer skirt to cover what you want to hide.Put all your color in blouses.



 What Size Hosiery To Purchase, For TG Women:

I would suggest buying a Queen size, if you carry weight in your stomach area, as this avoids the “roll down”. I have put Maternity hosiery of many TG’s who have a “barrel type stomach”, as it gives support and they will not roll down. They can be purchased on line or at JC Penny’s. I suggest a Tall size, if you’re over 5’10 inches.


How To Put On Panty Hose:

I always “stretch” out and pull– my hosiery out before I put them on, as this helps with runs. Also, do not wear any jewelry, which “catches”–rings with edges to hold in the stone, will always run your hose. If this happens, apply hair spray or clear nail polish, to the run!  Put them on slowly, and gently bend at the knees, and bend forward… while applying them over your hips. Be sure your toenails are nicely manicured! My vote for evening? Wear the lighter sheer black colors.



 Open To Shoes With Hosiery:

Donna Karen, has the ideal open toe (a small “hook which fits over the large toe”) hosiery, which does not show you’re wearing anything! Your legs can look great, and your toenails can look pretty in pink! Try a small toe ring also, put it on my spraying “Windex” on your toe, and slide it on. Looks great with the Donna Karen.



Its best to concentrate on YOUR jewelry zone. It is your neck, ears, wrist, or ring finger? Many say, do not wear all four of these jewelry zones at the same time, and to allow a “space” between zones. For example, if you want to bring attention to your face, wear great earrings but no necklace, and wear fun bracelets with one small ring. So, establish your best jewelry zone. Also, select jewelry that is both gold and silver, so you don’t have to switch back and forth.



Count Your “Points” In Wardrobe

Many stylists will say, count everything and give it one point. Shoes, each jewelry zone, purse, glasses, coat, and for any outfit which has several colors or designs…give it two points. Before going out, count your points. For casual daytime, you want about 7 to 9 points. For evening, you want 9 to 14 points. Rhinestones count as two points also. Bottom line, if you have a simple black dress–add lots of accessories (points) and if you have a colorful, busy outfit–add fewer accessories.


When sitting, always slide back in the chair to the side–not straight back. Also, for any photos–side poses (with one shoulder towards the camera) will always make one appear thinner. And, as important….pull UP in the diagram. Practice smiling with your teeth show or not showing. Generally a  slight head tilt is best, avoid a box look. Use S Curves (show in my dvds) to create ankles.



Practice flowing hands, as if you have both hands under water and they are blowing back and forth against the wind. I teach my clients to work on lightly stretching their wrist back, and then release….so when you get into the more advanced hand positions your hand, will bend more easily. Look in the mirror and bend yourhand around your elbow–now be sure your elbox is pushed as far forward towards your face as possible. Again, the more angles we create the more feminine of poses you can create. When sitting, keep one heel lifted off the floor, most men have flat feet, so it is important to also POINT your toes. At first, it will hurt and feel silly. However, when you’re sitting down with crossed legs, you want a pointed toe..not a flat foot. Keep the knees tilted to one side, lift the heel of the front foot, and when needed point your toes!. 


When going up (and down stairs) always keep both knees pointed in the same direction. Also, turn your body in– towards the handrail; while gliding your hand softly upon the handrail. Don’t look down with your head! However, glance down with your eyes. This helps avoids falling down the stairs, in heels! Be careful in long dresses, as your high heel can “catch” in the hem.


While walking, or while standing and speaking you can keep one hand up, Cup the fingers.All of this is on my Vol 1 and is more helpful to watch, than to read!


To repeat the basic, and best way to sit when your just don’t know what to do with your hands.

When sitting in a chair, the more you angle (twist) at the waist, turning a shoulder out to one direction, and crossing your ankles (pointed toes with a heels off the ground)  in the other direction. I call this my “S-Curve”.  You will look sensual and sexy! You can then, go more advanced and create the S Curve while standing. This can be casual or sexy, while out to a club. If you want to stand, holding your drink, it can feel so lonely, so here is your tips- Put your elbow or hand on the bar, cross your legs at the ankle, and find the basic beat to the music such as one two, one two, and lightly swing your hips to the music, however do not do a full dance! While standing, remember to point your toes and then lift one one and point the heel.  You can step to the other side, and use the same basic position. When going to a club, take a small clutch and leave everything in the trunk of the car. Take your (spare) keys, lip glos, a personal card with your name and email address already on it, and take a nice silver pen to fill out your amail for him!Be sure and put a pen in your purse, and leave the ckutch under your arm. Wear panties and panty hose, but they are such a mess if you wear glue on nails. Many genetic women take the hose and in the cutton part, cut an opening so you don’t have to get your clothing wet on the floor. Take a dry hand towel with you when you go into the stalll. Sit down but put the sheets down. Wash your hands, open the door with the towel and drop it on the floor when leavin On one of the television shows, they reporrted the area that has the most germs, Can you quess? The door nob, the sink? No, actually it is the area above the bathroom door  up high, on the side not used by the clean  hand. If you have a heavy expensive coat, leave it in the trunk…so it is not taken while you’re on the dance floor. Everyone send in youur club experiences. Listening As A Woman:As a woman, always listen more. Nod, often with your head while maintaining eye contact. Men, often do not maintain eye contact. Practice, by seeing how long you can look….before glancing away! Smile, Also. Try an open mouth smile, while speaking. It is easy, after you get the hang on it, again–try talking and add in a small laugh at the same time. Send me some of your ideas when you have been out to a nice place or a club!

Be careful out there!   Denae Doyle of