Flying En Femme 2012 – Outed in Atlanta

Hi Again, this is Robin with the next part of my Flying En Femme adventure

While waiting at the gate in Boston for my return trip to Atlanta, I noticed a voice mail I had received earlier in the day but had not picked up. It was from Delta letting me know they had my luggage in Atlanta and that I could pick it up. On the one hand this was very good news since it meant that Denae would have clothes for her seminoars but it was also very odd since they called me rather than Denae and used my boy name. I wondered how that could have happened. I figured I needed to stay in boy mode to pick it up and so I did not change. I arrived in back in Atlanta a few hours later and went to pickup Denae’s luggage. It turned out to be the same group that had been on duty the night before. I sort of played dumb, saying that I had gotten this call to pick up luggage but did not know how they got my name. At first they would not give me Denae’s luggage but as they tried and failed to find it they became more friendly. They invited me into the luggage area and we looked and looked for it. After a long time, probably an hour or so, we eventually found it but found it had been checked under my name, not Denae’s. We still don’t know how that happened except it could have been due the boarding pass confusion at San Francisco. In any case we finally tracked down Denae’s suitcase.

As I had the night before, I tried to stay positive and friendly throughout the process and joked with the luggage crew. We had worked together to figure out the problem and no one had gotten angry or upset. As I was leaving one of the clerks turned to me and thanked me for staying positive and optimistic, “just like you were last night”.


She he said it with a smile and without the slightest bit of negativity. At some point along in the process she had figured things out and was okay with it. I had been positive and not gotten upset nor made her job difficult and that I had been female one night and male the next made little difference. The “ouch” actually turned into something very positive, hopefully for both of us. I felt much better about it.

From there I went and got my rental car. I changed in the garage and made it to the hotel where I turned the suitcase over to Denae. It was bedtime at that point and I slept soundly. Denae’s seminar was at 9am which is 6am California time which requires getting up at 7am/4am. This is very early for California girls…

The two seminars Denae presented went well and had good attendance.

Next Post: The Trip Home

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