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How To Measure Your Female Jeans

How To Get A Perfect Fit, In Your Jeans

March 9th, 2011

Many TG women, will wear their jeans below their waist. Measure you waist: With 1 finger under your belly button. Levi Jeans has a new Feminine Curve jean out, very reasonable price.

Measure yourself at the waist and inseam before going in. Lots of color for this Summer and Spring! Color in shoes and handbags!

If using padding in hips, allow extra inches for hip measurement.  I suggest, using a dark wash, with stretch! Be sure you’re in Misses not Jr. Try Jones of NY or my personal favorite

which I wear, Boston Proper. Boston Proper has wonderful jeans that stretch and some of their jeans come in Tall.  The newer “tight at the ankle Jeans” Skinny Jeans are great with heels or to tuck into boots.

I suggest jeans which stretch, and cover your tummy if needed. Jeans this year come in Grey, Light Peach, Black. Not just the regular jean color, so find some with colors!


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Non Run Panty Hose by National

Hello Ladies, this is Denae of

I had a friend tell me about a pair of Panty Hose by National–which promises not to run or your money back. In addition, they come 3 pairs to a package, and are perfect for the TG as they are not as sheer as the regular panty hos but not opaque. They will cover a leg with light hair, again ideal for the CD. So, I put it to the test. I found them comfortable and  no runs! Go to their web site for colors and styles. More information below.

Enjoy! Denae Doyle of www.FemImage Image Help For The Serious TG Woman   Shop

From the National Website:

When your legs feel good – you feel good. With the gentle support of our Non Run Support Pantyhose, your legs will feel great – and look great – all day long. Made of long-wearing, run-proof nylon/spandex fabric with a built-in waistband and comfortable cotton crotch, this fine sheer hosiery will stand up to wear after wear.

  • Durable ladies hosiery designed for long, economical wear
  • Nylon/spandex fabric is guaranteed not to run
  • Knit-in waistband and cotton crotch for comfort
  • Gentle support for all-day wear
  • Made in the USA
  • 3 pairs per package, same size and color
  • See charts for color and sizeWhen your legs feel good – you feel good. With the gentle support of our Non Run Support Pantyhose, your legs will feel great – and look great – all day long. Made of long-wearing, run-proof nylon/spandex fabric with a built-in waistband and comfortable cotton crotch, this fine sheer hosiery will stand up to wear after wear.
    • Durable ladies hosiery designed for long, economical wear
    • Nylon/spandex fabric is guaranteed not to run
    • Knit-in waistband and cotton crotch for comfort
    • Gentle support for all-day wear
    • Made in the USA
    • 3 pairs per package, same size and color
    • See charts for color and size


Hello Everyone, I am just back from shopping. For winter, the stores are showing a lot of leggings. However, Macy’s has very tight fitting pants, (also tight at the ankle) which looks much better when worn with the long tunic tops. And, if your shape is great, you can wear them with a shorter blouse. I suggest you look for these, before you purchase leggings. The stores also have jeans, which look like tight leggings. With the tunic blouses, this is a great look…especially for tg women who may have a difficult time with the tummy area. I purchased a pair of black tight pants, which look like leggings, at Macy’s. INC is the brand, they stretch and look casual or with the right blouse…can look dressy!

How To Groom Your Eyebrows While In Guy Mode

Hello to all you ladies with Facebook/blogs. Thank you for following my  blog, please do email me, if you would like to ask any question or open anything up for discussi.

Let me start with Eyebrows while in guy mode. I had a consult yesterday with family,a CD with wild grey eyebrows–for work. First, it isi finally okay for men to groom. And, wives should understand it helps  a man look younger and stay ahead of the younger men coming from behind you at your work. To tweeze the hair between your eyebrows– Don’t take out to much. Run a pencil up from the outer quarter of each side of your nose to the eyebrow, and that is about where your brow should start.  Don’t pull inward to much as it will look “off”. Next, simply clip the long eyebrow hairs, nose and ears. (They have special devices at Walgreens for the ears and nose, as that can hurt when pulled).

If your eyebrows are grey,  you can color the grey away lightly, again it helps you stay ahead at work. You have to be very careful to not get it in your eyes however it does not run and goes on like toothpaste purchase “Just For Men  For Mustach and Sideburns” —not for your hair. It is very simple. It has a little brush, and you glide the color over your entire eyebrow. Leave it on for 5 mins and remove. You can use Vaseline on the skin, you would not want any color to touch. And, you can lightly feather the same color into your sideburns. Test your time on your eyebrows, sideburns. You can always re-apply if it is not covering the grey after 5 minutes.

Also, to train your eyebrows to not have the “wild professor” look simply trim them at the tips to comb so the wild hairs go UP at night, and not downward…apply Vaseline to your eyebrows at night to go upward  in the beginning of the eyebrow and then downward with the eyebrow hairs– at middle of the eye. Man grooming is finally okay and many executives have this done at a salon, however Just For Men is under ten dollars. Just do not get it in your eyes or have someone help you the first time. Even at a Barber Shop .  So, use a little as you go along your eyebrows in strokes that follow the direction you want when slightly arched or more for fully arched girls who are full time.

This will look great when the makeup goes on! And, in guy mode will make you look younger, without arching the eyebrows, just between your nose and clip the ends of any longer  hairs, and then apply Just For Men. Presto! Women use this also, who have some grey in their eyebrows and don’t want to pull out all their eyebrow hair to reach the grey. If you have a wife or girlfriend to help you, even better.

Select a color closest to your hair color. If you have difficult grey to cover, leave it on about 10 mins or go one shade darker. They supply gloves so you will not get the stain on your fingers. Many women use this, and now men do too. So, this is ideal for the TG woman. Just don’t get it in your eyes. Try it, it will take ten years off a mans grey areas. For more tips on my DVDs for TG women and for my private one on one private consults in the San Francisco Bay area, come to visit me at www.FemImage.comSee my DVD button, I have ten years of material for you to review!


Hello from Denae Doyle. I was asked today during a consult, about which style of handbag to use. Since most  TG women are about 5′ 8′ up you do want to consider the handbag which is best for a tall to very tall woman. Avoid long skinny-style bags with long straps. Counterbalance your figure with something broad, slouchy or unstructured such as a HoBo type. Often, I see clients with small bags, and I feel it makes her look taller! I would purchase a medium size bag. It is always better to purchase a purse which zips closed, so nothing can be taken out of your purse (or fall out of your purse). While shopping at the drug store or grocery store, I use the baby strap in the “cart” to put through and snap on one or both arm straps, this allows me to walk away from my basket for a moment. Black is probably your best color. I have several colors in my closet, and my “Go To” seems to be my medium to large black zip with a bottom which has “support brackets on the bottom which holds your purse up off the floor and it does not pick up dirt or sticky items on the floor. O, if I know I will be walking most of the day or visiting someone house (not in a store) I carry my black Hobo which has no bottom brackets, so I hang it on the arm of my chair. When buying a purse, look in the stores mirror, to see howeach purse size and shape looks on your figure type!

It is best to get a purse which matches your shoe or boot color. With Winter here, think of the black purse, black boots, and a long dark coat, and put a scarf with lots of color wrapped around your neck. If you can wear a hat, I always put on a Winter cap, as it is very girlish!

Denae Doyle

Sitting In A Feminine S-Curve

Hello Ladies, As Promised herewith more on Feminine Movement. I was eating here in Santa Cruz, CA yesterday when a well dressed TS woman walked in, and slide correctly into her booth. However, she ordered a pizza and a bottle of beer. Okay, we all relax, but the deal breaker was two-fold. She spoke to the waiter with a mans loud voice. Next, when drinking the bottle of beer, her elbow went straight OUT to the side while drinking large gulps. The elbow out, really did not blend with her beautiful appearance. Lets go back to Vol 1 on the blog. Remember, elbows IN, along with knees and feet. With just a few simple changes, this well dressed woman could have been all woman. Okay, I say it over and over. The two most important aspects of blending as a female when in public is your Movement & Your Voice. Makeup and Hair, you can pay for. However only you can create your own mannerisms and voice. Pull IN. We will cover some Voice in coming blogs when we are finished with movememnt. I have also had request for Wardrobe coordination. More later, and regardless keep your elbows in while eating or drinking and eat slower!

Denae Doyle Vol 1 DVD

Listening As Others Speak

As a woman, always listen while making eye contact which is something men generally don’t do.  Nod often with your head while maintaining the eye contact. Observe how little men do not maintain eye contact OR use an open smile.  I always enjoy watching Hillary Clinton when she is listening to another. Her head  nods up and down continually!  Watch, the next time you see her. She is telling the person they are important, or that she may agree with them so set them at ease (even if she doesn’t). Practice, by seeing how long you can make eye contact before glancing away. Also, remember to smile in a mirror, a larger smile than you’re comfortable with.  Again, men generally do not smile using an open mouth. Remember to, tilt your head. All these tips will help you look more feminine and the man will feel more at ease!   See my Vol 3 Listening and Speaking As A Woman

Walking For The TG Woman Part 2 Women Pull In And Men Push Out

Hello Ladies, As promised we move our class to Walking in a feminine way. One suggestion for Standing and Walking is to keep one hand up, around your bust and/or face -and then lower it to your hip. Keep movement up as much as possible, changing it to your hips for to side standing and/or swinging of arms as it is very feminine and something you will not see a man do. For example, you can carry a purse with one hand up through the purse strap, and remember to slightly close (or cup) the fingersfacing upward or downward. The other loose arm will swing slightly from the  elbow (not the shoulders). You will need to practice your shoulder exercises I showed you a few blogs ago, as it is very important for balance and appearance.Simply put the Shoulder Roll–  In the beginning roll your shoulders up, back and then down, as having the shoulders down and back will not only make you look shorter but will push your bust out. You can also use your upper arms to “push” your bust in for a larger look!

Remember also to keep the spaces closed between your torso and arms, between your knees and between your feet. Yes, you feel as if everything is pulled in, however remember the Golden Rule: WOMEN PULL IN  AND MEN PUSH DOWN AND OUT. See My Vol 1 DVD for more demonstrated details you will find helpful at click on the DVD button. Now get your heels and create your feminine walk1ng.

Denae Doyle

What Color For My Hosiery

 For my next blog on walking, I suggest you get a great pair of hose with a shoe  comfortable enough to walk in.  If your a CD and do not shave your legs, the new dark hosiery with designs, are ideal for your situation. And–their in style!

Hosiery is the finishing touch, not the focal point. A lot of women get this wrong by wearing hose that are either too dark or too light for the rest of their ensemble. Of course, if your CD and do not shave your legs, perhaps a darker shade is your option. For others, herewith some basic 101 rules to help you.

Here are some guidelines:

1. Hosiery needs to be in the same color base as your garment. Don’t mix warm hosiery colors with cool garment colors.

2. To instantly look taller and trimmer, go monochromatic by matching the color tone of your hosiery to your shoe and your hem.

3. With neutral colored skirt or pants, match all three color elements. Example: black skirt, off-black hose, black shoes.

4. Colored hosiery for dressy or business situations needs to be very sheer. Charcoal gray or off-black is more subtle than a solid black.

5. Colored hosiery may either match the garment or the accessory/accent color.
If the hose match the color of the dress or skirt, they add the illusion of height and slimness. This concept works especially well with neutrals like navy, gray, brown, beige, taupe, and even burgundy and rust, but NOT with red.

If the hosiery color matches the accessory/accent color, it should not outshine the garment color.

6. With a brightly colored garment, choose neutral shoes and match hose to shoes. Example: red dress, taupe hose, and taupe shoes.

7. Two-color spectator pumps look best with hose matched to the lighter color, NOT the darker one.

8. Very dark, light or bright hosiery colors and patterns or textures draw attention to your legs.

9. Off-white or light beige can be worn with black during the summer season.

10. Keep leg coverings in the same mood and weight as your shoes. Chunky, casual shoes work with heavier, textured hose or socks.

11. Control top hose are more durable than regular hose, and Lycra extends the resiliency of both.

12. Avoid emergencies by purchasing hose in quantity and keeping a spare pair in your desk drawer and glove compartment.

So what’s one of the biggest bugaboos I see? Wearing dark hose to hide spider veins. Unless your ensemble is dark, you’re calling attention TO your legs, not AWAY from them. Dress in darker colors to match the hose, or wear a longer skirt to cover what you want to hide.

Wearing hosiery gives you a refined, polished look that can’t be beat, so do incorporate it in your wardrobe.  With a few guidelines and a nice hosiery wardrobe, you can look great no matter what occasion comes your way.

I hope this helps give you a guideline when purchasing and when coordinating.

Denae Doyle

Feminine Movement For TG Women by Denae Doyle of FemImage

Hello Ladies, this is Denae Doyle/Founder of FemImage for Transgendered Women  I am most known for my work with “Feminine Movement” however, I do teach voice and all image related subjects for women and TG women. I have trained several actors for their parts on screen, so lets have some fun covering areas of Feminine Movement & Voice—in my blog. We will begin with  standing and other ways of movement and then we can cover some voice tips. If any of you are interested in a web seminar for 5 girls,  you will learn so much with me watching and helping each of you. We can cover so many of the areas you need to blend, and this is perfect for those out of town girls. Or,  I have DVDs which you can find on my front page of Look for the DVD button.

                                                                                          STANDING IN A FEMININE WAY

Lets begin with how to STAND, in a feminine, sensual way.  I am most often asked by those who have studied my Vol 1 DVD—to please explain again– how to stand and sit in an S-Curve.  Review Vol 1 but herewith a short review. Most men stand linear, and they generally do not use much hand movement (except shaking hands, waving or crossing their arms) so we want to break out of the linear by using what I created called the  S-Curve to look  casual, sensual, sexy, or really sensual.

Day 1  Study yourself  while in guy mode when you can see your reflection in a mirror or large window. You will probably be like most men, which is standing with both feet flat on the ground and your hands down to your side (and often not swinging them while walking or swinging from the shoulders). This creates the straight l shape.

Day 2 Begin to take the weight off one of your feet, you can do this while in guy mode….the magic comes when your makeup is done and dressed. In the beginning this will be difficult to remember, so don’t beat yourself up, just make the correction. Again, you can do this while in guy mode as it will not “look feminine”. until your dressed.  This is the foundation for your footwork  when creating the Sensual S curve. Place one foot forward  slightly while the other foot stays in the back–and be certain no weight it on the FRONT FOOT, EVER. Next, you will only begin walking on your front foot which does NOT have any weight on it. I tell my clients to repeat FFF. Free Front Foot.

Day 3 Please break these up into days, as I do not want you to go on to the next step, until you have the previous day down; otherwise everything will fall apart –as much as you would like to tell yourself “Oh, I will remember to do that, its easy”. Wrong. I have seen this in my 12 years of  my private coaching for TG women, habit will be hard to break. However, once you feel the difference, you will be on your way to your first curve. Most men will step off on their BACK foot, (again men generally stand with their weight on both feet).

Day 4 After learning to place one foot slightly forward with the back foot solid on the ground –Lift the heel off the ground of the FFF.  In the beginning think of it, like a clock. Your back, base foot will be at 11:00 while your front, feminine foot will be at 1:00 or a slight 2:00. You can also learn, by placing the heel of your front foot into the arch of your base, back foot. Later, we will open this slightly.                        

Day 5 After lifting the heel up (which a man would never do) slightly tilt your FFF knee inward. BAM you have a major curve, which is the foundation of your S Curve. Try this with no shoes on, then in a heel. Practice this way of standing (it is called a hesitation in modeling) in the shoes with the heel height you most  often wear when you’re out dressed. Get ready, lets create another curve.

Day 6 Always, always begin to walk with your front free feminine foot. Why? Try stepping off with the back foot which has the weight on it. You will be stuck in cement, it never moves. It is your base, foot which holds you up really well, in heels when standing. Try it. When stepping off on your base, back foot did you feel how your entire body came forward, showing larger shoulders, arms and hands? This will be a difficult habit to break… first.

Day 7  Now, back to standing. You have your heel up and knee in which closes up any OPEN SPACE. You do not want any open space between your knees and your feet. Once you’re standing with your feet in your hesitation, with your heel up and sexy knee pointed inward, I want you to lift up your diaphram and roll your shoulders up, back, and down which will bring attention to your breast! Now, twist at the waist. You have another curve.

When your shoulders go DOWN, they will not look as large  however your breast will Remember roll them up, back, and down…feel your breast come forward and making your shorter.

Day 8  Next your shoulders. Tilt your shoulders one direction or the other, while you’re in your hesitation. You now have your next curve! You can use either shoulder, so practice tilting your left shoulder forward and then your right shoulder. You will need a mirror to see this. Remember to keep the heel up and the knee in, up at the waist, shoulders up, back and down and one shoulder pointed to the side. This is a really great tilt for photo taking, as only one shoulder will show and your breasts will look larger, oh yes and your stomach will be lifted! Remember the hesitation or this all falls apart later when we begin stairs, cars. Now, try tilting your head to the opposite side, than the shoulder you use. This is another curve. Not so hard, right?There is no right or wrong, just don’t stand in your guy stance.

Day 9 If you want to feel “more casual” take your FFF and slide it over and open away from the base foot about below the same shoulder. This is called an “open hesitation” You simply slide your FFF over onto your big toe, bend that knee in a little more. This is great when you’re wearing jeans for a casual stance. Your closed hesitation is more for a sophisticated look. And, I use it as a way of teachhing everything we do, we start with a closed hesitation.

Summary: You will find one foot more comfortable than the other– for your front foot and the other for your base foot. Your base foot needs to be your stronger foot, as it holds you up. As in Karate…they stand with one foot forward, right? Why? Balance. By placing your FFF forward you can use it to support yourself or to “prop” yourself up. This is very important for girls who are just learning to stand and walk in heels.Plus is gives you a much more feminine appearance than standing with your feet apart with weight on both feet, right? 

Please visit my web site, and for more information on standing and walking. Also, email me your comments and questions. I will be happy to answer your questions in this blog, and it will help other girls, so step up and ask me anything on standing, walking, going up and down stairs, getting in and out of cars, putting on a coat, having someone put your coat on, how to carry your handbags, and how to swing your hips by using your back heel! You do not have to have this perfect…I suppose it more about what NOT to do so you don’t  look like a guy in a dress. By standing in an S Curve you will give that first 3 second impression a feminine appearance. Next, we can cover walking, so you have  men jumping out of their chairs to get that second glance, as you walk by! And, have fun with it and please get the basic hesitation down.  How many S Curves can you create!  So, there you go ladies. Have fun creating all the S curves you can, that fits your frame and the individual look you want…but remember to  leave the linear at home with your guy clothes! Denae Doyle of  if you would like to contact me directly. This is also a great area to cover at your next TG support group!