How To Groom Your Eyebrows While In Guy Mode

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Let me start with Eyebrows while in guy mode. I had a consult yesterday with family,a CD with wild grey eyebrows–for work. First, it isi finally okay for men to groom. And, wives should understand it helps  a man look younger and stay ahead of the younger men coming from behind you at your work. To tweeze the hair between your eyebrows– Don’t take out to much. Run a pencil up from the outer quarter of each side of your nose to the eyebrow, and that is about where your brow should start.  Don’t pull inward to much as it will look “off”. Next, simply clip the long eyebrow hairs, nose and ears. (They have special devices at Walgreens for the ears and nose, as that can hurt when pulled).

If your eyebrows are grey,  you can color the grey away lightly, again it helps you stay ahead at work. You have to be very careful to not get it in your eyes however it does not run and goes on like toothpaste purchase “Just For Men  For Mustach and Sideburns” —not for your hair. It is very simple. It has a little brush, and you glide the color over your entire eyebrow. Leave it on for 5 mins and remove. You can use Vaseline on the skin, you would not want any color to touch. And, you can lightly feather the same color into your sideburns. Test your time on your eyebrows, sideburns. You can always re-apply if it is not covering the grey after 5 minutes.

Also, to train your eyebrows to not have the “wild professor” look simply trim them at the tips to comb so the wild hairs go UP at night, and not downward…apply Vaseline to your eyebrows at night to go upward  in the beginning of the eyebrow and then downward with the eyebrow hairs– at middle of the eye. Man grooming is finally okay and many executives have this done at a salon, however Just For Men is under ten dollars. Just do not get it in your eyes or have someone help you the first time. Even at a Barber Shop .  So, use a little as you go along your eyebrows in strokes that follow the direction you want when slightly arched or more for fully arched girls who are full time.

This will look great when the makeup goes on! And, in guy mode will make you look younger, without arching the eyebrows, just between your nose and clip the ends of any longer  hairs, and then apply Just For Men. Presto! Women use this also, who have some grey in their eyebrows and don’t want to pull out all their eyebrow hair to reach the grey. If you have a wife or girlfriend to help you, even better.

Select a color closest to your hair color. If you have difficult grey to cover, leave it on about 10 mins or go one shade darker. They supply gloves so you will not get the stain on your fingers. Many women use this, and now men do too. So, this is ideal for the TG woman. Just don’t get it in your eyes. Try it, it will take ten years off a mans grey areas. For more tips on my DVDs for TG women and for my private one on one private consults in the San Francisco Bay area, come to visit me at www.FemImage.comSee my DVD button, I have ten years of material for you to review!

4 thoughts on “How To Groom Your Eyebrows While In Guy Mode

    • yes, it will last 2 or 3 weeks, dependong on how dark of a color you select and how long you apply it. I go with a darker color, and I
      “test” how long to leave it on by wiping it off every 5 mins. You will not have to use a harsh eyebrow pencil, and it takes away any GONE. light hair you may want Gone. Be careful to not get it into your eyes, it is a gel and I apply mine with a Q tip to form the arch in the skin…as it will color the skin some. At the nail shop last week, a girl was carefully applying it to her bikini line. Use some vaseline on any area you don’t want the color of the product to touch. This sounds difficult, but it is so easy. Again, at first apply, then wipe off at 5 mins, then apply again for another 3 or 5 etc until you get the color you want. The lighter colors do not work as well as the browns, med and dark brown, and even black for dark hair (or if you want it to stay on for a longer period of time!
      Denae Doyle of http://www.FemImage

    • Hello Patrice- The Just For Men, will last about 1-2 weeks. It is wonderful for men or women, you just can’t get it in your eyes
      It is perfect for your eyebrows, sideburns. Trim your sideburns and apply Just For Men to match the color of your sideburns.
      Great for eyebrows, genetic women use it….this is how I heard about it! A girlfriend, puts if on her eyebrows to cover the grey.
      thanks for your email.

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