How To Measure Your Female Jeans

How To Get A Perfect Fit, In Your Jeans

March 9th, 2011

Many TG women, will wear their jeans below their waist. Measure you waist: With 1 finger under your belly button. Levi Jeans has a new Feminine Curve jean out, very reasonable price.

Measure yourself at the waist and inseam before going in. Lots of color for this Summer and Spring! Color in shoes and handbags!

If using padding in hips, allow extra inches for hip measurement.  I suggest, using a dark wash, with stretch! Be sure you’re in Misses not Jr. Try Jones of NY or my personal favorite

which I wear, Boston Proper. Boston Proper has wonderful jeans that stretch and some of their jeans come in Tall.  The newer “tight at the ankle Jeans” Skinny Jeans are great with heels or to tuck into boots.

I suggest jeans which stretch, and cover your tummy if needed. Jeans this year come in Grey, Light Peach, Black. Not just the regular jean color, so find some with colors!


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