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Happy Holidays From Denae

Happy Holidays, From Denae.  If you’re able to handle the people returning Christmas presents—there are 50% to 75% off some great winter clothing. Especially the leathers, such as coats, handbags. Enjoy your New Years Eve, I have a new pair of red and black heels and I am going out to dance with friends, I hope all of you have fun also!

Denae Doyle

Feminine Heels–That Will Not Hurt Your Feet

Feminine Heels–That Will Not Hurt Your Feet

Many women have difficulty finding a pair of shoes that do not hurt their feet. Nothing will destroy your “feminine stride” like a pair of tight shoes! To avoid this common mistake, I recommend most TG women select a WIDE width when wearing closed toe heels or pointed toe boots. Or, select an open toe shoe or sandal and or try a sling back.  Men generally have wider feet– than most women. If you have a flat foot, it is important to select a higher quality woman’s shoe. Also, add padding to your heels, such as Good Feet.

 There are very few US retail stores that carry a WIDE width in woman’s shoes in larger sizes over size 10.  Through my work, I have located the two retail best stores– for the larger and/or wide shoe and you can also purchase them over the Internet.  Nordstrom’s for the more expensive shoe and Payless Shoe Source for the less expensive shoe.–and this price range is great for any fad style.  Another great tip—use their web site!  Both stores have wonderful large color photos showing what sizes are available from their entire database and often ship for free. and Nordstrom’s has many quality shoes in the $85.00 and up range. Shop in January when you can buy great leather shoes during their winter clearance sale. Payless Shoe Source is great for an inexpensive shoe. Always, put making tape on the bottom of the shoes…while you “test them while wearing them around the house”. If they begin to hurt your feet after a few hours, tear the masking tape off, and return the shoe. Oh yes, wear hosiery!

But, next I want to tell you about my best, new shopping tip–Aerosoles.

 Aerosoles shoes have a new look and design! They no longer look like your grandmothers shoes.  Now, has a new very fashionable, style of heels, flats and sandals. They have half sizes, and Wide and up to size 12 which is ideal for a majority of TG women. I just bought my first pair, after selecting them on line from their new catalog and finally I can wear stylish heels, sandals and thongs ~ that are designed ~  to NOT hurt our feet!

How long you can stand in a pair of heels, is the true test. lThe strapes don’t cut into your feet and their heels are designed to not tilt your forward, but keep your weight right over the heel. I am throwing out all my shoes, that hurt my feet –after one hour.

The only style of shoe, they did not offer…was a cloth covered evening heel. But, the company has designed  darling jewel stone thong sandals, wedges, heels and flats. You can’t look very feminine, with a gait that screams “My Feet Are Killing Me”. I strongly recommend them.


Feminine Hand and Arm Movements, While In Public

Hello Ladies, As Promised herewith more on Feminine Movement. I was eating here in Santa Cruz, CA yesterday when a well dressed TS woman walked in, and slide correctly into her booth. However, she ordered a pizza and a bottle of beer. Okay, we all relax, but the deal breaker was two-fold. She spoke to the waiter with a mans loud voice. Next, when drinking the bottle of beer, her elbow went straight OUT to the side while drinking large gulps.

The  bent elbow out, really did not blend with her beautiful appearance. Lets go back to Vol 1 on the blog. Remember, elbows IN, along with knees and feet. With just a few simple changes, this well dressed woman could have been all woman. Okay, I say it over and over. The two most important aspects of blending as a female when in public is your Movement & Your Voice. Makeup and Hair, you can pay for. However only you can create your own mannerisms and voice. Pull IN. We will cover some Voice in coming blogs when we are finished with movememnt. I have also had request for Wardrobe coordination. More later, and regardless keep your elbows in while eating or drinking and eat slower!

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Red Lips!

Last week, whild waiting in my dentist office–I had time to read from their collection of mens magazines and onlyone magazine for women. The beauty editor of this well known magazine, was discussing women over 45 years to 50 years. She reported the number one mistake in the middle aged woman, is wearing red lipstick! She went on to report, when estrogen drops the lips get thinner, so red lipstick will make the thin lips stand out.

I thought about blogging about the Red lipstick, because I have seen so many CD and TS wearing lips to dark. It seems genetic born males do have thinner lips, and the red lipstick,  along with a small amount of beard showing–is not a good thing.

I suggest you soften everything up,  when that day will come for all of us. Perhaps a peach blush and lips and less makeup on the eyes. Wear interesting jewelry on your ears, and use the the jewelry instead. When traveling, look fori nteresting pieces.

Longer Sleeve Sweaters

With Winter here,  The Height Goddess has 20% off their fabulous sweaters. If you’re over 5’10 take a look at this web site. They have longer jeans, tops, larger jewelry.

And, the style is very high fashion. Take a look at Plus Free Shipping. Lots of wonderful colors, oin their new soft sweater collection.

Give them a try, with free shipping, you have zero to lose! Check their size chart and measure yourself if you’re not sure of your size! Great stretch jeans too!

Happy Holidays,


The Mighty Earrings

Many of you have emaled me, regarding evening gowns for the holiday season. Lets continue with jewelry. 

 For those who have a PEAR shaped face (wider jaxbone than forehead)  opt for narrow rather than wide earromgs Look for curvey, soft and patterns to your earrings rather than straighter lines.

Of all four jewelry zones, always leave ONE zones off. I suggest, wear a fab earrings, leave out your necklance zone, wear your braclet and ring zones! Wearing all four zones  will be over done (don’t wear a zone on each wrist of each hang) You want your pieces to stand out, and not to be over done!

Denae  see my informational DVD’s on feminine walking, how to walk and swing your hips, makeup, wigs, and much more!

The Mighty Earring

So many of you have emailed me, regarding what style is best for the TG face and neck. Herewith some tips to help you with selecting for the holidays (and for everyday life). First, realize earrings are the most importanjt piece of jewelry you can wear. Why? Because they are the closeest accessory to your face and can balance your face shape (if needed), enhance your coloring, and finish your look.

Face Shape and Earrings–A carefully chosen earring can add width to a narrow face or length to a round face. In addition, earrings have lines and patterns that, when harmonized with your face’s curves or angles, create a pleasing appearance. Since many TG woman have a square jawline, also consider a wig which will cover your jawline or neck, with an earring which will show show through your hair style. Even pin or apply hair spray to hold a small section of your hair back–so your earring will show without showing your entire neck. For the angular jaw and square brow–op for narrow rather than wide earrings. Drop earrings work well with your face shape provided that your neck doesn’t appear  larger. Have fun shopping for a great pair of earrings for any up-coming holiday event!

Denae Doyle/Image Consultant For TG Women

How To Walk In The New Higher Heels And Still Look Graceful


Hello Claudia. I love your question. I am filming a new DVD on how to walk in the higher heels, due to the new 4-inch heel that is on the market. Yes, it is difficult to walk with the heel toe, when wearing the 4-inch heel. You simply can’t place all your weight on a thin4-5 inch high heel, using a heel to toe gait.

Here is what I want you to try. Take smaller steps. Reach with your lead foot using some of your upper thigh–and instead of using the standard heel toe technique–step out, placing your weight on the ball of your foot. Next, practice allowing very little weight going into your heels. If you need to use your arms for balance, then do so.  I use my  reallysexy while giving you balance.

 Claudia, Remember These Points: To Review-

 Don’t look down, keep your head up and glance down with your eyes.

Remember, chest and breasts lifted up, shoulders back,  shoulders down.  Reach out with the upper thigh and place the ball of the foot directly down. By lifting all the weight UP and OUT of your waist when walking you can control how much hip swing you want — (as your hips will have very little weight in them). This is such a valuble tip to add to your walk and I seldom see it used.  

 For sexy hip swing, try this new tip.  Begin walking, when the back foot is leaving the ground, roll the heel inward and roll onto your big toe( from your BACK foot). By swinging your back heel inward–your body will turn slightly to the side. I love this, as you can coordinate a small hip swing to a very sexy larger hip swing, by coordinating the amount of  heel swing you use.  Keeping your weight pulled UP and out of your hips is key to having total control on the degree of hip swing.  Also, remember to:  roll your shoulders up,  back and then down. By rolling your shoulders–up, back, and then down–this will help with hiding larger upper arms and helps you looker shorter. However what is the best bonus for keeping your shoulders back and down is this position? It will  help the breast  protrude!  So, keep those shoulders up,back and down!  

 For all of you, who have additional help, visit and look look for the DVD button. Vol 1 and Vol 2 will cover both walking, and hip swing!