The Mighty Earring

So many of you have emailed me, regarding what style is best for the TG face and neck. Herewith some tips to help you with selecting for the holidays (and for everyday life). First, realize earrings are the most importanjt piece of jewelry you can wear. Why? Because they are the closeest accessory to your face and can balance your face shape (if needed), enhance your coloring, and finish your look.

Face Shape and Earrings–A carefully chosen earring can add width to a narrow face or length to a round face. In addition, earrings have lines and patterns that, when harmonized with your face’s curves or angles, create a pleasing appearance. Since many TG woman have a square jawline, also consider a wig which will cover your jawline or neck, with an earring which will show show through your hair style. Even pin or apply hair spray to hold a small section of your hair back–so your earring will show without showing your entire neck. For the angular jaw and square brow–op for narrow rather than wide earrings. Drop earrings work well with your face shape provided that your neck doesn’t appear  larger. Have fun shopping for a great pair of earrings for any up-coming holiday event!

Denae Doyle/Image Consultant For TG Women

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