Feminine Heels–That Will Not Hurt Your Feet

Feminine Heels–That Will Not Hurt Your Feet

Many women have difficulty finding a pair of shoes that do not hurt their feet. Nothing will destroy your “feminine stride” like a pair of tight shoes! To avoid this common mistake, I recommend most TG women select a WIDE width when wearing closed toe heels or pointed toe boots. Or, select an open toe shoe or sandal and or try a sling back.  Men generally have wider feet– than most women. If you have a flat foot, it is important to select a higher quality woman’s shoe. Also, add padding to your heels, such as Good Feet.

 There are very few US retail stores that carry a WIDE width in woman’s shoes in larger sizes over size 10.  Through my work, I have located the two retail best stores– for the larger and/or wide shoe and you can also purchase them over the Internet.  Nordstrom’s for the more expensive shoe and Payless Shoe Source for the less expensive shoe.–and this price range is great for any fad style.  Another great tip—use their web site!  Both stores have wonderful large color photos showing what sizes are available from their entire database and often ship for free.   www.nordstroms.com and www.paylessshoesource.com Nordstrom’s has many quality shoes in the $85.00 and up range. Shop in January when you can buy great leather shoes during their winter clearance sale. Payless Shoe Source is great for an inexpensive shoe. Always, put making tape on the bottom of the shoes…while you “test them while wearing them around the house”. If they begin to hurt your feet after a few hours, tear the masking tape off, and return the shoe. Oh yes, wear hosiery!

But, next I want to tell you about my best, new shopping tip–Aerosoles.

 Aerosoles shoes have a new look and design! They no longer look like your grandmothers shoes.  Now, Aerosoles.com has a new very fashionable, style of heels, flats and sandals. They have half sizes, and Wide and up to size 12 which is ideal for a majority of TG women. I just bought my first pair, after selecting them on line from their new catalog and finally I can wear stylish heels, sandals and thongs ~ that are designed ~  to NOT hurt our feet!

How long you can stand in a pair of heels, is the true test. lThe strapes don’t cut into your feet and their heels are designed to not tilt your forward, but keep your weight right over the heel. I am throwing out all my shoes, that hurt my feet –after one hour.

The only style of shoe, they did not offer…was a cloth covered evening heel. But, the company has designed  darling jewel stone thong sandals, wedges, heels and flats. You can’t look very feminine, with a gait that screams “My Feet Are Killing Me”. I strongly recommend them.  http://www.aerosoles.com/


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