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Voice For The TG Woman

Hello Karen, thank you for your email regarding your voice. I feel others will benefit from your question.

What can I do to avoid getting hoarse, on the days I practice the vocal sessions you gave me?

Karen, Warm up your voice before your practice session each day so that you begin with your best voice pitch. Use easy humming to glide up and down. Try, starting low to high going until you hear your voice break, and then back down one note, for finding your feminine pitch (down one, maybe two notes while humming from where your voice breaks)  — Me Me Me– Mum Mum Mum moving up one note when you complete the series and try a higher note  for the next series, and repeat as you move gently taking a breath whenever you need to. This way, you will gradually and gently stretch your vocal folds. The more your vocal cords are stretched, the more feminine your voice will sound.. Karen, it sounds as if you’re trying to hard. Remember, we discussed only doing 10 minutes at a time, so you’re throat does not begin to hurt. Try this easy tip.

As you hum, put your hands over your face and notice vibrations in the front of your face, and keep your throat relaxed for your warm up exercises. Next, repeat the same sequence using “mum” or “num” or “me.” Notice the vibrations in the front of your face. Next, try gently speaking sentences that have lots of “m” words (Meet me on Monday). Me Me Me is my favorite exercise for the beginning new Transgendered Woman.  Again, feel the vibrations of the front of your face. Finally, say some everyday phrases using the same easy sentences or phrases. Your goal is to use this easy vocal exercise for a few minutes throughout the day.

Watch my website, FemImage, as I will have my new Voice CD out soon. It is ideal for the beginner TG or for anyone who just has not been able to speak in a feminine voice. Denae

Hello From Denae Doyle

Hello to everyone, from Denae. I have had  many phone calls, regarding what to play my DVDs on Feminine Movement, Voice Gestures, Makeup, Dance and Photo Posing, on. We have made it convenient for you to play my DVDs in the following ways!

All the downloadable files that we sell are encoded as MP4 files and they are playable on any device with an mp4 player. I checked Android marketplace and there are several free MP4 players available. While I have not tried any of these players, they should work fine with our downloads. They should be viewable on either  phone or tablet devices, although the ipod versions may be a little fuzzy on tablets due to the higher resolution of the tablet LCD. If you have any problems please contact me. We can also ship to any PO Box by US Mail, and we ship in a neutral envelope with  no name.  We do not sell any emails or information, and we protect our customers (for 12 years).

If you feel you’re not blending, and you may walk and speak like “A Guy In A Dress” then do check out my DVDs. I have a NEW VOICE CD COMING OUT IN MARCH! Please watch for it. Also, if you would like a SKYPE consult, please email me directly at

 It seems movement and voice are the two most difficult areas I see my clients struggle with. My DVDs make each segment easy to understand, with slow motion play-back, and bullet point charts. Often, a girl feels confident she has all her movement and voice correct, however when she goes out and gets distracted, her visual poise and voice fall back to guy mode. 

Visit my blogs and DVDs at Or, if you’re in the San Francisco, Bay area, do come and work with me privately!

For questions, call me at (831) 479-1282 To leave a secure message, which only I hear.

Regards, Denae Doyle

Colorado TG Conference

Hello From Denae,

For any girls in the Colorado area, I received an email from their annual tg convention. I will post it for you below.

They will have many excellent speakers, dinner and dance. Conferences are an excellent way to speak to many professionals, you normally would not be able to visit. Click on the link below, for the events location, and speakers. 

Denae Doyle/FemImage


Hello Denae,
You are invited to the following event:

15th Annual Colorado Gold Rush Transgender Conference


Handbags And Your Body Type

Hello from Denae. I have been writing articles for TG Life and TG Reporter. Herewith an article on their site. You will find some excellent vendors, articles, etc. Both Gina Lance and Brianna Austin are excellent magazine editors…. so enjoy!


Green Coffee, For Weight Loss and Detox

Hello to Jane Ann. Thank you for the tip for losing weight, as she  has been working on losing weight to get into her favorite dresses and skirts.   reported that instead of drinking regular coffee in the am, to drink Green Coffee. You can find it in the vitamin dept of your grocery store. I have not tried this myself however Goggle and see if it will work for you! A great way to burn off those holiday pounds!


A Balancing Act

Hello Girls. Herewith an interesting comment on how Jill learned to balance her feminine walk. You might give it a try!   Denae (See Below)

Hello Everyone!
I actually came to writing this post by accident. I’m a Canuck gal, so playing hockey is part a big part of my life. I was having difficulty with my skating, and i wanted to improve during this past summer. My agility and lack of foot speed was slowing me down. I asked around, and did some web searches and decided that my balance needed to be improved. Thats means to practice my balance away from the ice all together. I purchased two different balance or “wobble” boards. So there I was, in my living room struggling to stand on the 2 foot square piece of wood. Many concerned and confused looks from my dog also! As I started, I could feel the tendons and muscles being worked in legs. Little by little over the next few weeks, my posture and balance seemed to be much better. I was training in my running shoes and wearing high heels didnt even enter my mind. I was going out one day and figured my outfit needed a pair of heels as the finishing touch. I couldn’t believe the way i was moving.
With grace and agility that was never there before I felt i was walking on air. If any of you ladies are having difficulty in heels, you just might want to temporarily trade them in for your runners. This works. Big time. Practice balance separately….you WILL see results. They are simple to make, costing under $5 worth of lumber. Here is a link where they can be purchased.

I reccommend this style because it worked for me. Be careful at first, take frequent breaks but stick with it. Youll be tearing up the runway in no time. Special thanks and much love to my dear sister Denae….you taught me to be a lady. You are such a blessing to us all!


Makeup Application, For The Beginner

Hello from Denae Doyle of FemImage. I want to discuss, how a girl– who is new to dressing and does not know where to begin or how to get help. Yes, my DVDs are a great first step.

Now, for makeup….many of you would be nervous to go into a retail store to get help selecting the right foundation color, and what colors to use on your lips and eyes. Here is what I tell my new clients. If you call a Avon Lady, and tell her you’re new to this…and you need help….and you fully intend to purchases suppplies….she will be happy to help you. Also, if you go to a drug store, on a week day that is not busy and ask the sales lady to help you. I have even had clients say, they were going to a party, etc.  Avon has a new lipstick that is fabulous and it plumps up your lips. If you’re not comfortable with any of these suggestoins–find a  female friend who will go into a drug store with you, to get the basics.

Be sure to get an oil based foundation for better coverage, which will say for DRY skin. Revlon has a great oil based –the foundation, which I use. The bottle will say “Revlon Age Dfying”. You will notice the colors will be either pink based or yellow. They will be light, medium or dark. If you tan when you go out into the sun, you have yellow in your skin. If you ‘re light and burn when you get in the sun, you have pink pigments. Decide which color, yellow or pink, light or dark will best match your skin. Again, get the bottle which will say for Dry skin as the product will have better coverage. Many times, they have samples which you can apply to your hand, to get your best match. I hope this helps the beginner, with how to begin your basic makeup collection. Or, come to me and I will help you!  Remember, less is best. And, blend, blend. Applyto your face and blend down onto your chest, blending as you go. Have good light.


Denae Doyle/Founder

http:/  831 479-1282