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Slips and Lace Lingerie~ Made For Men~ A Must To Check Out!~fROM SLIPS AND LACE LINGERIE

Hello Jane- You emailed me, saying you had a time purchasing sexy panties–which will fill out the back of your dress and skirts. Many girls prefer ruffled panties (handmade to your size) as wearing hip pads and having to pull them down when doing to the “ladies room” is difficult and un-lady like. I located this site, which has everything, slips, bras,  anything you can imagine…and many things can be made.

Take a look. One page has a listing running down the left side: Panties Made For Men Is Very Interesting.

Another is Ruffled Panties. Or, if you have a BRA that is difficult to fit, these these ladies.

Let me hear your comments back–I never hear from you, and your emails we will never show!! So, talk away!

Denae Doyle

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Panties for Men

Slips and Lace has always catered to the needs and desires of our male/crossdresser/TG customers. We have a wide range of styles that can worn by both men and women.

Our panties always have a DOUBLE NYLON or SATIN gusset crotch. We never use cotton.

Our panties have a slightly wider than normal gusset/crotch in order to better fit the male physique.

Our every growing list of panties includes basic “lady’s” briefs and high cut briefs, thongs (made for men or women), rumba panties, sheer front, lacy, vintage styles, bloomers, pettipants, tap pants, and now we have fetish style panties.PHOTOS BELOW WITH POCKET PLAYGROUND PANTIE

View our Pre-Made S&L Exclusive panties made to fit every body type.

Design Your Own – Custom made-to-order panties for everyone in any size.

Pocket Playground Panties” – starting at $35.00
Click here for additional info and photos
The best way to understand these panties is to simply look at the pictures and read my descriptions there. However, I’ll explain them here too. First off, I love calling these our Pocket Playground Panties. They have the sleeve area which is where your penis will enter and go through in order to get to our nylon pocket “playground”. This is the area that will cradle everything else while you’re inside playing. At the end of the sleeve is nylon encased elastic that you will go through to get to the pocket playground. The pocket itself is the front panels. As you can see from the picture below, its an extra thick area. That is because we have added 4 layers of nylon to the front panel area. There are 2 layers of nylon that will be in front of the penis and 2 layers behind it. That is not including the sleeve itself. It gives you the ultimate in silkiness to rub in and simply enjoy. Now, let’s head to the playground and play!


Male Briefs with Open Fly” – starting at $30.00
These briefs are for those men who love the feel of nylon but are not interested in wearing feminine panties. Also these are perfect for you to wear out when you’re in your “male” clothing. They have the open front fly just like you are used to with those boring cotton briefs. They are the same basic style of the male briefs you can buy at the store today with one major difference… THEY ARE NYLON!

These briefs are also perfect for those guys who are curious about crossdressing or wearing ladies panties but are still a

Transgendered Youth and Teens

Hello Ladies, this article will not effect most of you, but some folks to have children with gid or body dyforia.

Take a look at the article and pass it along, to any family…who  simply does not know what to do. I do not

recommend, or disapprove to this article.

Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund

February 26, 2013

TLDEF Files Complaint to Protect Transgender Child From School Discrimination

Complaint Alleges Six-Year-Old Transgender Girl Denied Access to Girls’ Bathrooms at School

TLDEF today announced that it has filed a complaint with the Colorado Civil Rights Division on behalf of a 6-year-old girl who has been barred from using the girls’ bathrooms at her elementary school. For the past year, Coy Mathis, a first-grader at Eagleside Elementary School in Fountain, CO, has used the girls’ bathrooms. In mid-December 2012, the Fountain-Fort Carson School District 8 informed her parents that Coy would be prevented from using the girls’ bathrooms after winter break. The District ordered Coy to use the boys’ bathroom, a staff bathroom, or the nurse’s bathroom.

Coy was labeled male at birth, but has always known that she is a girl, and has expressed this since she was 18 months old. Since kindergarten, Coy has worn girls’ clothing to school. Her classmates and teachers have used female pronouns to refer to her and she has used the girls’ bathrooms, just like any other girl in her school.

The Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act prohibits discrimination against transgender students in public schools. Despite efforts to get the District to reconsider its decision, it has refused to do so. Coy’s parents have removed her from school and are home schooling her until this Complaint is resolved.

“We want Coy to have the same educational opportunities as every other Colorado student,” said Kathryn Mathis, Coy’s mother. “Her school should not be singling her out for mistreatment just because she is transgender.”

“By forcing Coy to use a different bathroom than all the other girls, Coy’s school is targeting her for stigma, bullying and harassment,” said Michael Silverman, TLDEF’s executive director, and one of Coy’s lawyers. “Through the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act, Coloradans have made it clear that they want all Colorado children to have a fair and equal chance in school,” he added. “Coy’s school has the opportunity to turn this around and teach Coy’s classmates a valuable lesson about friendship, respect and basic fairness.”

“We have five children and we love them all very much,” said Mrs. Mathis. “We want Coy to return to school to be with her teachers, her friends, and her siblings, but we are afraid to send her back until we know that the school is going to treat her fairly. She is still just six years old, and we do not want one of our daughter’s earliest experiences to be our community telling her she’s not good enough.”

In addition to TLDEF, the legal team representing the Mathis family includes Michael Flynn, Lucy Deakins, Jami Mills Vibbert, and Rosario Doriott Dominguez of Fulbright & Jaworski L.L.P.

For the latest information on Coy’s case, including upcoming media appearances, please follow us on Twitter and “like” us on Facebook. We’ll be posting the latest information there first.

Click for a slideshow of Mathis family photos.

Please donate today to help us fight for Coy’s rights and the rights of children like her. Your support is critical to achieving a victory for Coy and transgender people everywhere.

Donate to TLDEF through

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Transgender Health Initiative of NY
The Name Change Project
Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund is committed to ending discrimination based upon gender identity and expression, and to achieving equality for transgender people through public education, test-case litigation, direct legal services, community organizing and public policy efforts.


Know someone who might be interested in our work? Forward this!


Hi Denae,

I have just mailed my hand-written note thanking you
for a wonderful outing last Friday.  The nice day in
Santa Cruz just added to the great time I had.

It was wonderful to catch up with each other at lunch.
I was pleased you approved of the efforts I have made
in enhancing my feminine presentation.  I enjoyed hearing
about what you were doing and the progress you were making
toward your goals.

After lunch, we went shopping at a local department store.
that was having a sale.  Denae gives new meaning to the saying
“shop ’till you drop.”  Two hours later we each came away with
several great looking pieces at a fraction of what they would
have cost at a high-end department store.  Each piece looked great,
and each fit.  The effort we made was well worth it.

One side benefit I had  from our time shopping was interacting
with other women shoppers.  All of us were looking for bargains,
and it was fun to compare notes.  I especially liked talking with
moms who brought their little children in strollers.  They were
happy to share their children’s ages and some fun stories.  I,
in turn, would relate something about my children when they were
that age.

These small interactions with other women gave me a chance to work
on my feminine voice.  I am no expert, but when I soften my voice
it is passable, at least for small chit-chat.  As our shopping outing
wore on, each of these small interactions helped my confidence, which,
in turn, encouraged me to converse with more women.  It really made
the day.

I encourage each of you, as much as possible, to be as outgoing as
possible, and SMILE.  Expressing one’s femininity can be a joyful
activity.  The more open you are to new experiences, the more rewarding
your life can be.

So thank you, again, Denae, for all your help, and for a lovely, joyful

Hugs, S.

Green Coffee in Capsules, Is Reported To Loose Weight.

Hello, thank you from a girls comments, regariding having our teetn, get whitener.,Of course, she suggested the person with bad gums –go to the doctor. This is so true. Most all dentist will say if you have red, swollen gums…(which cause terrible  bad breath)….RUM to the dentist. The next step, your teeth will fall out!

Now, on to something fun!!  I had posted the name wrong–on how to loose weight. It is capsules of green coffee. I just keep hearing about this, and taken as directed–it is safe. This was  put it in capsule form, as I suppose GREEN coffee is not that delicious. If  you need to loose 5  10  to pounds–I hear this works. We all need to loose few extra pounds, to get into those dresses, pretty blouses, and  evening gowns–then try GREEN COFFEE at any drug store, or do a Goggle search, Check with your doctor.  Denae

The # 1 Beauty Tip

I was recently listening to a radio show, on fashion. A beauty expert, asked what the number 1 beauty problem men and women have. Any quess?

It is yellow teeth! They also suggested getting Coconut Oil to whiten your teeth buy apply it, leaving it in your mouth for 30 mins, and will have white teeth. They explained that having your teeth professionally whitened (and I checked with my dentist) will DRY OUT THE ENEMAL ON YOUR TEETH. So, do a Goggle search on your own, and check the wonders for Coconut oil for whitening your teeth, with quick results. Also, anyone who has bad breath? This is a direct indictator of gum disease. Start the peroide immediately, and call your dentist for an apt. You will NOT loose your teeth because of cavities, but due to gum disease. The strong smell is from the bacteria from the inflamed gums.

So, begin with your hydrogen peroide today, and avoid having tooth decay, bad breath, but enjoy having very white teeth! Put a bottle (99 cents) in your shower, and fill your mouth, it will bubble, so you can spit some out, but continue. Try for 15 mins. I have white teeth in in 4 months, if done everyday. When wearing lipstick, you need white teeth–as the pink or purple lipstick– will only cause your teeth to look even darker! Also, they reported Coconut oil, will whiten your teeth safely in 20 mins!! The problem with lazer whitening, is they can thin the enamal onyour teeth! So, these two natural (and they don’t cost hundreds of dollars) will whiten at home, and cost 99 cents. Also, any sign of bad breath indicates bad gums not tooth decay. So, if anyone you know has bad breath, get them on hydrogen peroxide asap! Bad gums will allow the teeth to loosen and fall out. The smell, is from the bad bacteria in the gums! For everyone else, try the peroxide and or Coconut oil, as a quick inexpensive way to whiten your teeth before you go out. With the peroxide, you must put some in your mouth, and leave it for about 10 mins. It will bubble, so you can spit some out, but keep this up for two weeks and you have white teeth and healthy gums in two months for 99 cents!!!

And, you can avoid a trip to the dentist. Let me know about your reseults. This will perfect on my Vol 3 DVD on head, shoulder and wigs!!

Denae Doyle

New Girl Seeks Information On Hormones ~ To Create Larger Breast.

Hi Denae:  I enjoyed your informative telephone consultation, you answered so many of my questions. I did  not ask you about hormonens.  I know you’re not a doctor, but you do have 10 years of experience helping TG woman. I would like to post a question–that hopefully other TG’s, can give me suggestions– by hitting the comment bar.

I am a interested in starting Esterone, to create larger breast. I am in the dark–as to what type to take–natural or prescription?

What  results have girls gotten from either natural or perscription? And how do you order the natural estrogen female hormones  over the internet?, There are so many kinds, and prices–I am just unsure what is best–a natural brand– to order over the internet or prescription?

If any girl out there, has ordereded estrogen and or a T Blocker and progesteron– please share with all the beginners out there–What is the best brand to buy and where can you get the the best price for a quality female hormones? There are so many products out there, it is difficult to know, which web site have the best products–and prices! I am new to this, and hope any more experienced girls, can share their experience!


Donna From NY

From Denae: give Donna any advisee by hitting the comment bar. I do not offer any medical advice. It is my hope that girls can help other girls–with all TG Image related questions.