Green Coffee in Capsules, Is Reported To Loose Weight.

Hello, thank you from a girls comments, regariding having our teetn, get whitener.,Of course, she suggested the person with bad gums –go to the doctor. This is so true. Most all dentist will say if you have red, swollen gums…(which cause terrible  bad breath)….RUM to the dentist. The next step, your teeth will fall out!

Now, on to something fun!!  I had posted the name wrong–on how to loose weight. It is capsules of green coffee. I just keep hearing about this, and taken as directed–it is safe. This was  put it in capsule form, as I suppose GREEN coffee is not that delicious. If  you need to loose 5  10  to pounds–I hear this works. We all need to loose few extra pounds, to get into those dresses, pretty blouses, and  evening gowns–then try GREEN COFFEE at any drug store, or do a Goggle search, Check with your doctor.  Denae

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