Hi Denae,

I have just mailed my hand-written note thanking you
for a wonderful outing last Friday.  The nice day in
Santa Cruz just added to the great time I had.

It was wonderful to catch up with each other at lunch.
I was pleased you approved of the efforts I have made
in enhancing my feminine presentation.  I enjoyed hearing
about what you were doing and the progress you were making
toward your goals.

After lunch, we went shopping at a local department store.
that was having a sale.  Denae gives new meaning to the saying
“shop ’till you drop.”  Two hours later we each came away with
several great looking pieces at a fraction of what they would
have cost at a high-end department store.  Each piece looked great,
and each fit.  The effort we made was well worth it.

One side benefit I had  from our time shopping was interacting
with other women shoppers.  All of us were looking for bargains,
and it was fun to compare notes.  I especially liked talking with
moms who brought their little children in strollers.  They were
happy to share their children’s ages and some fun stories.  I,
in turn, would relate something about my children when they were
that age.

These small interactions with other women gave me a chance to work
on my feminine voice.  I am no expert, but when I soften my voice
it is passable, at least for small chit-chat.  As our shopping outing
wore on, each of these small interactions helped my confidence, which,
in turn, encouraged me to converse with more women.  It really made
the day.

I encourage each of you, as much as possible, to be as outgoing as
possible, and SMILE.  Expressing one’s femininity can be a joyful
activity.  The more open you are to new experiences, the more rewarding
your life can be.

So thank you, again, Denae, for all your help, and for a lovely, joyful

Hugs, S.

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