Slips and Lace Lingerie~ Made For Men~ A Must To Check Out!~fROM SLIPS AND LACE LINGERIE

Hello Jane- You emailed me, saying you had a time purchasing sexy panties–which will fill out the back of your dress and skirts. Many girls prefer ruffled panties (handmade to your size) as wearing hip pads and having to pull them down when doing to the “ladies room” is difficult and un-lady like. I located this site, which has everything, slips, bras,  anything you can imagine…and many things can be made.

Take a look. One page has a listing running down the left side: Panties Made For Men Is Very Interesting.

Another is Ruffled Panties. Or, if you have a BRA that is difficult to fit, these these ladies.

Let me hear your comments back–I never hear from you, and your emails we will never show!! So, talk away!

Denae Doyle

831 479-1282 to order DVDs or private consultations

Panties for Men

Slips and Lace has always catered to the needs and desires of our male/crossdresser/TG customers. We have a wide range of styles that can worn by both men and women.

Our panties always have a DOUBLE NYLON or SATIN gusset crotch. We never use cotton.

Our panties have a slightly wider than normal gusset/crotch in order to better fit the male physique.

Our every growing list of panties includes basic “lady’s” briefs and high cut briefs, thongs (made for men or women), rumba panties, sheer front, lacy, vintage styles, bloomers, pettipants, tap pants, and now we have fetish style panties.PHOTOS BELOW WITH POCKET PLAYGROUND PANTIE

View our Pre-Made S&L Exclusive panties made to fit every body type.

Design Your Own – Custom made-to-order panties for everyone in any size.

Pocket Playground Panties” – starting at $35.00
Click here for additional info and photos
The best way to understand these panties is to simply look at the pictures and read my descriptions there. However, I’ll explain them here too. First off, I love calling these our Pocket Playground Panties. They have the sleeve area which is where your penis will enter and go through in order to get to our nylon pocket “playground”. This is the area that will cradle everything else while you’re inside playing. At the end of the sleeve is nylon encased elastic that you will go through to get to the pocket playground. The pocket itself is the front panels. As you can see from the picture below, its an extra thick area. That is because we have added 4 layers of nylon to the front panel area. There are 2 layers of nylon that will be in front of the penis and 2 layers behind it. That is not including the sleeve itself. It gives you the ultimate in silkiness to rub in and simply enjoy. Now, let’s head to the playground and play!


Male Briefs with Open Fly” – starting at $30.00
These briefs are for those men who love the feel of nylon but are not interested in wearing feminine panties. Also these are perfect for you to wear out when you’re in your “male” clothing. They have the open front fly just like you are used to with those boring cotton briefs. They are the same basic style of the male briefs you can buy at the store today with one major difference… THEY ARE NYLON!

These briefs are also perfect for those guys who are curious about crossdressing or wearing ladies panties but are still a


2 thoughts on “Slips and Lace Lingerie~ Made For Men~ A Must To Check Out!~fROM SLIPS AND LACE LINGERIE

  1. Hi Denae,
    I am Jen, one of the owners of Slips and Lace. I just wanted to say thank you so much for posting a link to my website on your blog site. For the last 10 years my mom and I have enjoyed creating beautiful panties and slips to allow everyone to feel and look their best. 🙂 If you have a banner or a description for your site that you prefer, please let me know. I would love to add you to my links page. I know many of my customers would love your site. Thanks again!


  2. Denae, I wanted to thank you for all the help and support that you have given me these past 4 years, maybe more, in fulfilling my wishes and desires to become more like the woman I wish I was. You’ve taught “Patrice”, through our phone consultations, many things girls need to know to be as feminine as they can. My voice training sessions, as well as, feminine movements, styles, makeup, etc., have been so helpful. I am fortunate to have some real girlfriends who accept Patrice – thanks to you. It’s funny to be with them when I’m dressed and, like any girl, always has to adjust her bra strap……my friends just smile and accept me as “Patrice”….with your help and encouragement, I go out pretty regularly dressed….it is so much fun when I use the “ladies room” with other females (I consider myself 99.99% female)…..I’m accepted pretty much everywhere, thanks mainly to you, Denae. Well, I guess enough said for now. Hugs.

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