No Elbows Out

Tips For Eating Out

09 Dec 2011 Leave a Comment

by femimage in Outside Feminine Coaching Tags:

Hello from Denae. I often, after hours of training, will take a short  30 minute break with my client– from shopping, to grab a snack. In a high percentage of times, this is where I see her training drop out, as hunger takes over. I suggest you be mindful of the many things all people do, when they are in a hurry, when they are hungry, tired, under pressure, driving, etc. When out, take this opportunity to observe yourself during stressful times, places. It is much easier to “forget and get back into guy mode habits” when under stress. This is very important– as only practicing in front of a mirror– is  not enough training for an outing for the new TG woman.

When we eat, I see many TG women Open their mouth, and insert their foot!! Herewith some suggestions, most genetic women are mindful. Men often choose too large of a plate and they also take too large of bite. Next, men often open their mouths too wide. Men often shovel and dip while their heads are learning forward into the plate. Often men will bring food to their mouth, instead of having a balance of bringing the food towards  their fork while also…. leaning into the fork from the waist. This  also applies to drinks. No large gulps. Elbows in, this is one of the most difficult–elbow IN while drinking a bottle of beer, this is an excellent way to feel the difference.  Also, the  next time, be mindful of how men eat, and how a graceful woman eats (someone you would be happy to learn from). 

If you have any tips, let me hear them!



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