Wigs For The TG Woman

Hello from Denae. Finding the best wig for you, at the right price–is difficult. I recently went into two different beauty supply stores, (they are small stores, and the public can also purchase the products your hair stylist would)…so I am not sure why they call them beauty supply stores). I found several good wigs at these stores, and they are all displayed. You can try several on, and see what color and style looks best on you. The best is a blend of synthetic hair and human hair–as this allows you to have some curl (due to the synthetic having curl). If you purchase a real human hair wig, they are the most expensive and you will need to have them styled as they do not hold a curl. If you’re going full time, I would suggest a real human hair as it looks real but requires upkeep.  

Here are the things to avoid:

No thickness on the top. Ask them to thin (not cut) but thin out the very top crown. The thicker crown will add 1 or 2 inches.

No shine. If you go all synthetic, they do have a shine, which looks fake.

If you’re just beginning, perhaps a synthetic wig is best, as they can be purchased for $75.00

Beauty Supply stores will have all the brand name of salon products, they have wigs, and they have makeup and anything you need for your hair. So, do an internet search for a “Beauty Supply” in your area. You could always call and see what they sell. Every city is different. Many of you have emailed me, not knowing where to purchase a wig. Lastly, there are wig salons (not wig stores) and the salons will make a wig for you, and they style and cut.They are beautiful, but can run over $1,000.00.   And, the tg makeover salon in your city will have wigs for sale, they are generally the lower price, but again…if you’re new..this is a good place to begin. In San Jose, CA –near me…Carlas.com is a tg makeover salon and they do carry synthetic wigs.

This is trial and error. And, for genetic women…it is also one of the most difficult things she deals with!



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