What To Purchase for Summer

Hello Sue, thank you for your questions. “”What do I purchase for summer, while on a budget”. Sue, I just purchased

a pair shorts–they white and  navy blue shorts. With a T shirt..that has a matching button down sweater (this is called a “Twin Set” and can be worn even in the winter).If you don’t want to purchase a twin set, get a white T shirt, and put one of your sweaters over it, when needed.

A pair of scandals with some jewel stones, a light straw bag, tie a scarf around it! Payless Shoe Store you can try them on.

Some white inexpensive jewelry in white, and you’re good to go. Look for summer items in the bargain stores, as…the winter item are much more expensive. Also, if  you’re dressed in femme –you can go in and try on the clothing. Be sure and hang everything up, and return what you don’t want to the counter person. Shopping can be fun, but most of my clients hate it. Herewith a tip–that will help you coordinate your under garments, so your outer garments are coordinated. Look at the stores size chart. Find your waist measurements and coordinate them with the bust size and hip size–which fits your waist measurements. You can give some–but keep it within a reasonable amount–that will go with your waist size. Another tip, look at catalogs. Using their measurment chart.

Then, look at items on their catalog and ship it. If it does not fit, put the mailing sticker on, and ship back the next day. Remember, go to the stores size chart, measure by your waist were you bend at your waist..then coordinate the size bust and hips you should have–with your waist and bottom with your waist! You will be able to purchase clothing that fits–if your breast forms and hip pads–coordinate with your waist.


One thought on “What To Purchase for Summer

  1. An excellent comment on shopping. I have used ebay before but getting the right size is difficult. I am an 18 or 20 in a dress normally. Occasionally though an 18 in some designers is a 16 or even 14 in a Lane Bryant item. It seems rare that you get an item too large by mistake. But there are stores and designers that undersize their clothes to market them.

    If you shop on Ebay you have to go back to that designers catalog and look at the waist and chest sizes. Our hips are rarely the problem with fitting. I believe that men are often top heavy for our sizes. Normally our chest is too large for what was designed as a woman’s dress.

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