How To Hold Your Shoulders To Give The Look Of Larger Breasts

Hello from Denae.

Deborah, herewith the answer to your question…and I thought others would enjoy it also.

Question: How do you hold your shoulders, to appear, you have larger breasts?  Herewith what I teach for posture for the TG woman,  it is simple but you will have to practice this a few times a day, and can be done while in guy mode.

Lift your shoulders UP, now push them back, now DOWN. The instant they go DOWN–you will feel your breast going forward, and you will feel an arch in your elbows which will lift up your arms (giiving the look of shorter arms). This is perfect posture, and is great for the look of larger breast!! Also, don’t let your arms hang in front, walk and stand with your thumbs leading. Lastly, don’t allow your pelvic to drop towards the floor. Take 2 finger to push back your chest, and then with the other hand…take 2 fingers to push in your belly button. This prevents your stomach from dropping towards the floor

Keep asking me questions! My DVDs cover all the feminine ways to move, and how to hold your shoulders and arms while speaking and listening…as a woman,

Think about this several times during the day!


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