Sun Block–With Color!

Hello from Denae.

I was in the drug store yesterday doing my favorite thing–what is it?  Well, I have more makeup than 20 women. I am sure manyof you can understand!

There are several of the main brands of sun block that now has a foam color mixed in with it. I selected the light pink, since I have fair skin. They have other colors, and I feel like we can wear it, instead of foundation…when we are om a hurry. Next,  I found a moistureizer for your lips, (like Chap Stick) and they have pink, brown, red, many colors…and it feels great. I live close to the ocean, and I enjoy walking my two dogs every day in the sand..which drys out my lips. However, with the new colored foundation and lips, I was okay to go out for breakfast, after being in the sun and sand with the dogs. With the warm weather, go to the drug store and try the tinted foundation and tinted lip gloss! Beauty Supply stores have it at a lower price. And, it feels so yummy on my face and tasting it on my lips. I give this produce a rating of :  A


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