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I have returned from vacation, and will be blogging any interesting tg image information.  If you find any great item –please leave a comment which I will post.

Today, I was listening to a news station on talk radio. The report stated that 75% iof the current lipsticks and lipgloss–has high levels of IRON and currently is only found in California drug storesf and retail stores. However, this is probbly true for the same products in other states.  The FDA will be looking into this ~ as high levels of iron could be doing harm to come people. Ask a retail store, in one of the better lipstick line– if they have iron-free in them. I went to a health store today in a search for an iron free lipstick, and found some. The prices are less, however they do not have as many colors–so do your own homework. I did find a lipstick STAIN, which stays on longer, AND IT REALLY WORKS.  DO A TEST OF SEVERAL COLORS ON YOUR HAND, AND WAIT ABOUT 30 MINS–AND THEN SEE WHAT COLOR IS BEST FOR YOU.. i FOUND A COLOR THAT WAS A LITTLE DARK, BUT I WILL APPLY IT AS MY FIRST, BASE COAT..AND THEN APPLY YOUR REGULAR LIPSTICK OVER IT. THE STAIN, WILL LIGHTEN AND YOU WILL HAVE THIS BASE STAIN…SO YOUNEVER HAVE PALE LIPS. AGAIN, TEST SEVERAL COLORS, AND WAIT. SELECT THE COLOR BEST FOR YOUR STAIN. SINCE IT DOES STAY ON MUCH LONGER THAN LIPSTICK, THIS STAIN IS BEST FOR THOSE WHO ARE SINGLE!!

What we put on our face, can effect many of us. For example–when I wear mascara–my eyes turn RED when I remove it. i HAVE TO WEAR HYPOGENTIC.

If you locate an iron free lipstick or gloss–do leave a comment!!

Have a great weekend–as it is an excellent time of the year–to remove your shirt and get color over your entire chest, shoulders and arms..which will help ynot having a “farmerx tan”” Email me if you have any questions. i have wonderful DVDs covering feminine poise, makeup and voice. I also do PRIVATE CONSULTS IN NORTHERN CA..  FEEL FREE CHECK MY WEB SITE  at


Don’t forget Mothers Day!


Denae Doyle of


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